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“My journey here at Your Next Level Fitness has been an amazing one, I’ve changed so much not only physically but mentally too.  If you don’t mind I’d like to give you a brief background………

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I was happy with my size and shape,  But I wasn’t healthy……(continue reading )


Lou’s Journey with Your Next Level Fitness

It all started almost 3 years ago when a friend asked me to go with her to a personal training sessionone Sunday morning – up until then I had thought I should do some form of exercise but found numerous excuses not to start!

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Jen did Bootcamp once a week and loved it, and then ramped things up to 2 a week and used our private gym to feel great on her special day !  Read on why Jen will always be a fan of strength training and Your Next Level…..



Lorna came to us unable to to a press up… she can do 20+ press ups, chin ups, and is stronger leaner fitter…… you have to read her story and the short video she made to show what hard work and discipline can do!  Read on HERE……!


juliet oct-aug transition (45 weeks) front side back

“I had “been there and done that” with almost every diet craze known to man – I tried everything from diet pills to an odd contraption that sent electric shocks through my body, not to mention many fad diets!

John was friendly and professional, and I enjoyed his training and motivation.

1 year to the day I was weighing in exactly 12 stone lighter and I couldn’t have been more proud of myself for what I had achieved.



linzi kelly small

After having my 2nd baby in January last year (2014) I made myself a promise that I would lose my baby weight and get back into my jeans.  I wanted to get fit again, be happy about how I looked and have more energy.

My goal when I first started in April was to lose the weight and get back to what size I was before my pregnancy.   I had put on 3 stone while pregnant and thanks to John with his help and guidance with training and diet …………I did it! To read more of Linzi’s story CLICK HERE


Nic Says:

nic lucas headshot I’ve been doing John’s bootcamps now for three months. After starting with one a week, I soon found myself enjoying them so much I am currently doing three a week. The difference from a gym is huge. The atmosphere is more relaxed, friendly and because they are outside – exercising in fresh air just makes you feel better. This allows you to put all your effort into the hours session. John is a great trainer – tough, pushes you, encourages you to keep improving and reaching the goals you want to achieve.

 Like with anything, Patience is important but with John’s leadership and guidance you will no doubt achieve your goals.   He’s always there to answer questions or give advice regarding diet or exercises.

 My goals to start with were to lose the weight that seemed to have built up around my stomach, gain a higher level of  fitness and tone. After three months of exercising with John and making changes to my diet not only have I noticed a  difference in my fitness level and the reduction of my stomach my but others have also commented on  the difference.

At the moment I’m continuing with my original goals and looking forward to seeing the results in another three months.

Nic Lucas, 34


Becky Says:

I went to meet John before my first session and he gave me some exercises to be working on before my first bootcamp session, as well as lots of advice about improving my diet.

When I went along to my first session I was really nervous, I thought I would never keep up with everyone else and that I would look totally out of place. The thought of being outside put me off a bit at first (being a bit of a girly-girl), but it was so refreshing to be outdoors when I was indoors most of the time.

Everyone was really welcoming and friendly, the bootcamp session was hard work and I ached for the next few days, but I kept going and I soon started to see results.

Since March I have lost 5 stone, which is around 25% of my original weight, and a total of 36 inches which include 12 off my hips and 9 off my waist!

I have gone from tight fitting size 20 maternity clothes to finding that my pre-baby wardrobe is too big!  (Pics below march/december 2012)




Tony, Says:

I’d like to share a few words with all you good people on my weight loss journey so far in the hope that some of you may read it and think to yourselves “if he can do it then I’m sure I can too!!!!”


Something clicked in my mind this wasn’t the life I wanted any more, I wanted to lose weight and see how fit I could get, I was referred by my physio to a lifestyle advisor and I remember the feeling when he told me I weighed 29 stone and 5 pounds!!!

Determined not to go back to my old ways I joined a gym and for the first time in years found myself enjoying exercise (that was something I never thought I’d hear myself say) I carried on losing weight even over Xmas and felt great by the time January had come I’d lost roughly four stone!!  I then started to look for new challenges and that led me back to my first trainer Mr Cammish and his bootcamps…… he wasn’t as young any more but he was still holding onto his good looks (that’s a tenner you owe me) the thought of training in a group was something that put me off at first although I’d lost four stone i was still weighing in at 25 stone and was worried I’d be left behind or I would embarrass myself, but I bit the bullet and went along and it turned out to be a great decision everyone was so friendly and supportive the training itself was harder then anything I’d ever done before but the sense of achievement when the hour is over is massive!!!!


It was then John suggested to me about setting myself a goal of reaching the 21 stones for my 40th birthday……. lots more hard hard work followed and when June the 7th arrived I was weighing in at 21stone 12 pounds!!    Yeaaa !!!



I’d gone from wearing shirts 5xl to just an XL 8 inches off my waist and I was now the lightest I’d been since my 20s.

I’ve been weighed today and was 21 stone 5 pounds that’s 8 stone gone it brings a tear to my glass eye!!!! 



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Vicky, says:


(Speaking after 3 weeks) I decided to finally do something about my weight at the beginnng of this year (2011). I have always had a massive insecurity and complex about my weight and it has prevented me from enjoying things like holidays, summer, swimming,  nights out etc.

I have tried slimming clubs in the past and whilst they did help me lose weight, they didn’t really do anything for my shape and it was also very easy to put the weight straight back on again when the diet got boring……..also, I don’t have the time to count calories and measure portions!

So, after seeing the terrible photos of myself after Christmas, I decided to sort myself out! I didn’t want to commit myself to joining a gym which I knew didn’t work for me as I have tried them before and I found them boring and wasn’t very good at self motivation! So, I looked on the internet and found John’s website about his bootcamp. He offered a free trial session to get a taster of what it would be like, which was great and meant I didn’t have to commit straight away.
The first morning I went I was very pleased to find that John was very welcoming and friendly. He wasn’t like the trainers you see on TV who shout at you and carry a whistle! Which was good for me! He asked questions about what I wanted to achieve and why. During the first session, instead of spending large amounts of time on cardio, we did interval type training and weights and John explained that this sort of training is very affective as it keeps the muscles working even after exercise has finished.
And, you don’t have to spend hours doing the same thing to acheive great results!  He gave me loads of info regarding the type diet I should be eating to help with weight loss and what I should be doing in between bootamp sessions (and this was even before I had given him a penny!!
I now go John’s bootcamp sessions twice a week and have been for the past three weeks. In just three weeks I have lost 10lbs and amazingly dropped a dress size……which I am over the moon about!!!   I can see my shape is changing for the better……as opposed to just being a smaller version with the same horrible shape. I feel so much better eating a high protein, low carb diet, as I used to feel very sluggish and tired. Now I have so much more energy and I’m sleeping a lot better!
The people at bootcamp are all very welcoming and encouraging and help to give me the motivation I need to help me work as hard as I can. I don’t feel self conscious (as I would at a gym) and I look forward to every session. John also gives me exercises I can do at home and gets in touch during the week to spure me on that little bit more. I am extremely greatful to John for his encouragement, motivation, enthusiasm, support and advice and I am so glad I joined his bootcamp! I can tell that it’s more than just a job for him and he really enjoys it and genuinely wants to help! He is also willing to answer questions and gives as much advice as he can to help me achieve my goals. I still have a long way to go, but I know that sticking to what I’m doing and with John’s help I will eventually get to where I want to be!  John’s bootcamp is something I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into shape and feel better! Thanks John!
(Speaking after 6 months)
After attending John’s bootcamp for 6 months, I am now extremely happy to say I have exceeded my initial goals!! I am over the moon! When I started John’s bootcamp in January, I weighed an embarrassing 14stone 2lbs and was a very uncomfortable size 18/20…now I weigh 10stone 12lbs and have gone down to a very more acceptable and happy size 12/14. That’s 3stone 4lbs and approx 3 dress sizes. I NEVER thought that I would achieve this so quickly and ENJOY it! I have lost inches off my waist, hips, thighs and arms and I am so much more in proportion than I have ever been in my adult life. Also, my BMI rating has changed from ‘obese’ to ‘normal’.
My new goal is to get down to a size 10/12 and 10 stone (although, I don’t obsess over weight anymore, as I’m more concerned about how I look and feel!)
Joining John’s bootcamp is one of the best things I have ever done and I can’t imagine not doing it now. I  now see my fellow bootcampers and John as friends and I still look forward to every session.
I have proved that anything is possible and if you listen to people who know what they’re talking about, eat a sensible diet and put in the hard work, you can achieve your goals. I feel much more energetic and i’m amazed at how strong I have got in just 6 months.
I don’t feel self conscious anymore and I’m thrilled that I can shop in ‘normal’ shops and buy nice fashionable outfits for a change.
Looking at the before pictures of myself, I feel emarrassed and can’t believe I ever let myself get like that. I know that I will never be like that again and I’m so happy I made the decision to contact John.

I cannot wait to see what results the next 6 months bring. I can’t thank John enough for his help and encouragement. THANKYOU John 🙂

(Speaking after 1 year)

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for helping me achieve my 2011 New years relolution (the only one that I have ever stuck to)….I’ve lost 4 stone 8lbs last time I checked and I’m now size 10/12, compared to my start size of 18/20 🙂 


Scott from Newbald says:
scott headshot
   ”Bootcamps are not just about fat loss, they are so much more, a chance to meet up with people on similar journeys who want to better themselves and gain confidence in what they are doing.”
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 Darren from Anlaby says:

 For Lent this years I decided to enrol on a ‘gut buster’ –  45 days of no alcohol, bread, potatoes, takeaways – along with a workout a day. My workouts had to be a minimum of 20 mins if I classified it as a recovery session or 15 mins in it was more intense, interval sessions for example.


The result?

Have a look 🙂


For Darrens FULL story – CLICK HERE 



RE: Saturday Boot Camp:

This is a quick note to say how much I ‘enjoyed’ the above.  I thought it was an extremely well thought out session in really pleasant surroundings and I can confirm that I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending both the boot camp and your services to friends and colleagues.


Cat, from Hessle says:

Having been a ‘cardio junkie’ for most of my life, following illness I was struggling with my normal routine and so enlisted John’s help.

I had always based my workouts on long endurance sessions and believed that the longer I worked the more effective it must be.  It’s a mindset, but I never chose to monitor results to see if my theory was in practice true.

John completely changed the way I work out, for the first time in my life he had me lifting free weights in the gym.  Something I would never have dreamed of doing or dared to do.

I always thought that lifting weights would make me bulk up and be manly but this is completely untrue.

Instead of working on endurance cardio I now focus on weight lifting and interval cardio which is much more effective and less time consuming.

John also worked with me on my diet, advising when and how I should eat.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not counting points or weighing portions.  It’s just about an educated common sense approach, and I never restricted anything from my diet.

My workouts are actually now much shorter than previous and I’ve been amazed with the results.

In my time training with John whilst my weight hasn’t reduced significantly, my body fat has reduced from 29% to 19% and I feel much leaner and toned and healthy.

Knowing I’m doing my exercises correctly means I don’t feel intimidated and lack confidence in the gym and I’ve made lots of new friends.

John really knows his stuff and I’d recommend him to anyone.  Whenever I ask a question if he doesn’t know the answer he’ll do his best to find out for me.


Tony, from Hessle says:

Now I can fit into my tightest shorts! This new program is just what I needed……………………………………… Just in time for my holiday to Florida!

Mags, from Loughborough says:


A year ago i made the decision to change my life. I was playing social rugby, which I really enjoyed, but I was overweight and not fit enough to play at a higher level and this was always going to limit my progress. The head coach of a premiership team told me if I trained properly I had a lot of potential to play premiership rugby.

So I rang John Cammish and asked for his help. I wanted to play at the highest level I was capable of. I wanted to be the best I could be.

John taught me so much, from giving me a personalised weights programme, to making sure i was lifting correctly. He focussed on my weaknesses and showed me exactly what to do to be ‘Rugby fit’. Right from the start I learnt so much about the specifics of training for a sport, whereas before I had always kind of muddled along not really noticing improvements. But knowing I need to follow a weights and cardio programme and constantly do more/ make it harder to challenge my body and keep it working has made all the difference.

John also, and probably crucially, taught me about athlete nutrition and put me on a high protein diet and told me to have protein every few hours to keep my metabolism up. With the help of protein shakes, i followed this diet and gym programme fairly religiously and after a couple of months i was noticing fairly major improvements in my fitness, strength, speed and power. I had lost weight, body fat, and gained muscle. I felt better and had more energy and I looked better and more toned than I ever had. I was training harder and playing better and i got selected for the premiership team. I had achieved my dream of playing premiership rugby and yet I felt there was definitely more to come. I hadn’t yet reached my physical potential.

For the first couple of months i had 2-3 sessions a week with John, and after that, I continued his programmes by myself seeing him every 6-8 weeks for a review and a new programme.
My performance in matches went from strength to strength and 8 months after I started training with John, I got selected to play Rugby League for England against France!
John was one of the first people I called in my excitement over selection and I honestly can say, without him, I would have never have made the England squad……..

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Mike, from Hessle says:

I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life at 17 stone, and I felt it too. I had lost weight before – only to put it back on again. I was even doing extra Spinning classes! A new way of thinking is what I needed and wondered if John could help me.

What an eye opener!! We discussed the pitfalls of the modern diet and how I could manage this as best I could. Did it work? Well 9 days later I was a lot lighter, and I HAD NOT DONE ANY EXERCISE!

We started work and I was very impressed with the way John works, pushing me further each session. I weighed 106.9kg on January 7th of this year, and at the end of our sessions (29th April), I weighed 98.8kg.

I am now closing in on 15 stone (95.25kg) and I make sure I do my program – as John keeps reminding me!


Andrea, from Anlaby says:

andrea43wksheadshot Around my son’s 8th birthday I wondered how he felt about having the largest mum in the school. I was approaching my mid forties, smoked 20 cigarettes per day and knew that I was increasingly becoming a heart attack risk. I was puffing and panting to even climb stairs and knew something had to be done – I was at a loss at where to start I felt that I had a mountain to climb.

On my first session on 19th June 2008 I weighed in at 19 stone 2 lbs. I was totally embarrassed to be so heavy and wondered if I was kidding myself to think I could really get rid of it all. John didn’t gasp, he said that the good thing about being so heavy was that I might see some dramatic weight loss in the first couple of weeks.

A lot has happened since then, I have lost a lot of weight and look better than I ever thought I could. I coulnt have done without John helping me with my food and exercise, and my sister spurring me on! A Year on, I now weigh between 12 and 12-and-a-half stone – and I feel I am at the right body weight now.

Thank you John!

For all of Andrea’s Story and Pictures, CLICK HERE!!

Andy, from South Cave says:

andycrozierheadshot Dear John, As a busy photographer, my work is often physically demanding. My wedding photography service is a 12 hour commitment and can often feel almost like a triathlon!

As a result of this, it is important for me to keep a check on my general fitness levels and my diet. As my business grows, it seems harder and harder to make time for the gym.

I recently decided it was time to enlist the help of a personal trainer and you were the logical choice. Since we started working together over a month ago, I have lost almost half a stone and my energy levels have increased quite dramatically.

Your approach to training has been very well structured with a thorough ‘audit’ of my diet, lifestyle and general fitness level when we started. Your degree level knowledge of your profession really shines through and you constantly use motivating techniques to get the best out of our workouts.

You have put together a program that gets me in and out of the gym in 45 minutes but delivers great results.

Not only that, you text me between workouts to keep me motivated and looking forward to out next session.

I look forward to achieving my fitness goals with you as my trainer, you are a consummate professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody who was looking to work hard without spending all of their free time in the gym.

I look forward to joining you on one of your upcoming fitness boot camps.

Elaine, from Hull says:

At the beginning of 2009, I decided that my weight and fitness level had to be improved dramatically. I had tried various diets and going to the gym but found after a couple of weeks I would give up due to lack of motivation. A friend at work recommended that I contact John, because he had inspired her to achieve her aims and goals.

So in January 2009, I contacted John and never looked back. During our initial meeting we discussed my health and fitness level and the goals I wished to achieve. Inspired by John, I changed my eating habits and followed the exercise programmes he compiled for me. We met on a regular basis and my weight and fitness level was changing every time, which was boosting my confidence no end. In twelve weeks I have lost 10 kilos (and over 5% body fat) and dropped from a size 16 to a 14 (which is now a little loose!). I have received many compliments from family and friends who have certainly noticed the difference in my physique.

I would certainly recommend John, his nutritional knowledge is extensive and he has the patience, technique and motivation to help you achieve your goals. Thank you John you are an inspiration.

Adrian, 36 from West Hull says:


Like so many, I had been going to the gym. Week in, week out, same old programs and same old attitude: ‘If I go to the gym I can easily drink a bottle of red a night’ and not ever breaking into a sweat. Where was the motivation? I had joined a gym after I was doing all I should……or was I?

At the turn of 2008 after 12 months at the Village, enough was enough and it was time to make a difference. The difference was John. John quickly taught me, during session 1 actually, that it is impossible to out-train a bad diet and this combined with a varied cardio and resistance programme saw the heart and sweat rate go up but the fat come down – 5kg by the end of my initial 10 sessions with John. The fat is still falling as I start my second phase with John to pursue that ‘Daniel Craig’ look, but its not just the weight – sleep and relaxation are better, I enjoy and understand more about my food both at home and out than ever before. Yes the comments and praise from friends, family and colleagues really shows that it has paid off.

So don’t be afraid to try, I once thought ‘Personal Trainer, that’s not for me’ but if you are serious about joining a gym and serious about making a real difference, don’t just go through the motions – get in touch with John. Believe me, it will open your eyes.

Adrian is now really strong, and recently deadlifted 175 kg.

Click here to watch the video on Youtube:

Phil, 25, from Willerby says:

philheadhsot Nearly 1 year ago, I was very overweight, had an extremely poor diet, and had not exercised in years. I was in pretty bad shape, and wanted to change – but just didn’t know where to begin. It was only through talking to John about simple food and exercise tips that I changed my life for the better. He showed me how to exercise, and basically told me why I needed to train a certain way to add a lot of muscle which was my goal. I’ve easily lost some fat and gained some muscle at the same time. The most important thing has probably how he showed me when to to have treats and how to plan my meals properly so that I can enjoy going out as well as looking bigger and better. I wasn’t looking to spend a lot and I only needed a handful of sessions – the rest is history.

Lee, 33, from Hessle says:

I’d already lost 6kg in 4 months when I came to see John. He showed me the mistakes I was making in my diet, explaining why to eat certain amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats, and when to eat them as well. I didn’t realise meal timing was that important until it was fully explained to me. Then there’s my exercise sessions… the progress I’ve made has been something else. John talked me through the different ways of exercising and why certain types of exercise are more efficient than others. He also went through the importance of weight training during fat loss (although I do admit I’m addicted to his ‘cardio’ sessions!).

I have really gone for it these past few months and done what he has told me, and also given up alcohol. Since seeing John I have lost a further 22kg in 15 weeks and am a lot closer to where I want to be. Another bonus was that as I was already fairly clued up with what to do as I’ve played rugby at a high level in the past and I was already really motivated – I only needed 3 sessions and he showed me what I needed to know.

Julie, from Gilberdyke says:


I started training having personal training sessions with John 3 months before my holiday in June this year. From the very first consultation I knew that not only had I found a professional in his field, but also someone who was genuinely inspiring. He was interested in everything I had tried in the past to get fit, my medical history, my aims and dreams and designed a programme just for me – not one that was off the shelf, but one that was tailor made. John’s extensive knowledge of the human body and how it works, together with his understanding of all the latest exercise techniques make him an exceptional personal trainer. You always know you’re in safe hands.

After only a few weeks I saw benefits that I had not seen in years of training. John was constantly monitoring my progress, seeing what worked for me and what didn’t, and he has earned my trust and I trust him completely. Not just his knowledge and his abilities but more importantly in his knowledge in my abilities. If he believes I can achieve a certain goal then I KNOW that I can, and he will provide the technique and motivation that I need. John is always reliable, enthusiastic and well prepared for our sessions.

Within 12 weeks I had achieved my goals thanks to John’s motivation and a fantastic bikini body to go with it.


I feel more alert and confident and looking forward to making change in my life and facing new challenges.

Thanks John, you’re a star!


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