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38 Lessons

I have recently gone , yes(!) 38(!) times around the sun…….and I’m far from done yet 😉

While this year has been really, really unusual (COVID, house move, MORE COVID) – I thought I would try and list 38 things that I have learned over the years!

  1. Do what movement you like. If you don’t like it, you won’t do it…..and most of us could do with moving more often. It doesn’t have to be “the gym.” Kicking a ball about is so much fun for me!
  2. If you are in the gym, try and use Progressive Overload.…….which means lifting a little more load or an extra rep or 2 than the last time you did it. Many forget this.
  3. As we get older, remembering to be relatively strong (strong for your weight) is going to be a good sign of health later on down the line. Simple things like ring rows, press ups , and squats and split squats are fairly simple to do, and will tell you if you are strong for your bodyweight – (or tell you that things will be easier with a lower bodyweight)

4. All exercises are not the same for everyone. Some people don’t feel their legs properly squatting and could do to split squat…..and vice versa. Some people prefer a machine . Some need to make a press up easier before doing a full one (even though they can “kind of do full ones.”

5. You influence your significant other and your family more than you realise. If you say “let’s have a drink / biscuit / takeaway…………it’s going to be hard for a loved one to say no. Ask yourself “do I really want that? Or am I just bored / tired / dehydrated? “👀

6. Running can be good for some – and not for others. So many clients took to running during covid in 2020……..some lost weight, but some came back with injuries. Like I said in number 4 – all exercises are not the same for everyone……

7. Not tracking workouts. This goes back to number 2 with Progressive Overload, but writing down a few lifts will be key to success. You don’t “have” to log every lift – like abs and bicep curls etc……..but definitely the bigger exercises like Squats, Presses, pulls (chin up / lat pull down etc) will keep you getting stronger, and logging times and distances for cardio will help you keep getting fitter.

8. Food is the real key to leanness. Back when I did my own little 8 week “mini cut” (which I could have been more strict) I instantly saw definition even though the scales were not down a lot, and I put this down to just cutting out the crap!

9. Want to be full and eat less calories? Try to get your protein to be higher ….. let me ask you – how much protein do you get in the first half of your day? I bet it’s minimal. Once I started upping this , I saw changes I wanted to see!

10. Be wary of oils and sauces. It’s easy to put sauce on stuff…..but what is that sauce made up of? When you get into the oils you realise that 9cal per g is easy to overconsume stuff – just be wary !

11. ENVIRONMENT IS MASSIVE! Covid had everyone jumping around their living room – us included (Here putting on some living room workouts!)

….but there is something to be said for getting a bunch of like-minded people in a room, lifting hard with loud music pumping and chatting afterwards. Make sure you are spending time with good people you want to be with!

12. Don’t believe everything you see online. So many filters, operations, drugs….. you name it, there’s so much stuff to be lured in by. Just be wary! Check out this post

13. Following on from 12….. Have a good BS Detector

If something sounds too much like hype…..question the info and come to your own conclusion.

14. Listen to your body. I got some new trainers and they had a slight heel lift – and hurt my knee when squatting. I knew they weren’t right , and should have altered the training. You know your body best!

15. Lifting too heavy. This is a “it depends” one. Yes, you want to lift heavier over time…..but technique is important too, and there’s a line between “heavy and form is starting to deteriorate ….and …..that form is plain crap.” Sometimes , just lifting the weight you did last week for the same reps , BUT BETTER………is a form of progress. Your back will thank you

16. “Feel the muscle working”. Sometimes people think “this is hard, so it must be working”….. but you really need to feel that area working properly before loading more weight on the bar/machine.

17. Cardio is great for health…….we just need to remember to do it, and not overthink it.

18. Which reminds me …….I used to think that High intensity intervals were absolutely crucial for fat loss….(quicker, better, whatever)…… Now I realise that food is more important, and that you can do intervals if you wish, but if you’re already stressed / tired / hungry…… steadier will be more beneficial. This is me after attempting bike sprints, after an early get up, fasted, low sleep…..

19. Some “no thinking steady cardio” workouts for myself are

  • 30min rower
  • Calories on Bike x 100/150/200
  • Prowler x 30m x 10

….And all of these can be done with a friend chatting and catching up !

20. Have fun!

Or you have fun like this

21. Bands can be so versatile!

During lockdown I used bands in my home workouts with the Your Next Level clients and found them to be so useful. Even though I have my own studio – I still keep some bands at home – just in case I need a 10min blast before popping out with the family or something.

22. Rest between exercises.

I know our classes tend to have shorter rest periods to try and get as much work done, but having 2-3mins rest for those big exercises can really help you recover and hit some personal records. That’s why we don’t put classes on every hour and why we have gym time. It’s important 😉

23. Try to exercise more days than not.

We recommend training 3x a week with resistance training……….but ideally having that 4th day to do some cardio or extra resistance training can really be a game changer. Lisa saw changes when she addressed some foods but also when she went from 1 class a week to 3-4 ..Coincidence? I think not!

24. Speaking of which, PLAN! Try to plan your week by looking ahead.

Our timetable works on having times for group classes, and times for individual training. Look ahead to which weeks you will be doing a bit of each …..because it can fly by quickly!

25. Don’t wait – because the time will fly by! I did a Personal training mentorship course in 2020 and wish I had done it sooner. Just like many of our clients – they often say “I JUST WISH I HAD COME SOONER!” They were often afraid we were like other places in the past, where they had been shouted at, or made to do an exercise they did not like etc.

26. Keep friends close – and people you don’t want to be around – far away from you. You can guarantee you will meet nasty people – but it’s often better to walk away and do your own thing!

27. Equipment is useful. Often we get people asking “what makes you different from the other classes? I can pay “X” and “place Y” and it’s cheaper.

  • Some people are too heavy for bodyweight exercises, and some are really good at bodyweight exercises and need to add load!
  • Some people really feel their joints and not muscles when not using equipment
  • While free weights can be useful – you really need cables and machines as well because so many people have bad backs and cannot be bending over with weights etc
  • Equipment makes things a lot more targeted – ideal for beginners who struggle to feel an area work

28. Grab the opportunity.

In everything that you turn down, there is a something you are missing out on. This goes for life events as much as joining a gym or signing up for training etc. (It’s just that so many people say “I wish I had come sooner…..but I thought I needed to get fit first.)”

29. LISTEN. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth for that reason. You might learn something

30. Stop wasting time on social media.

I have purposely stopped spending too much time on FB and Instagram………..when you think about consuming more than you create – you’re not focusing on yourself.

31. Leave your phone away for hours at a time! Some of the best times recently have been when I have turned my phone off or left it at home. There’s just something about knowing you’re not going to be interrupted. (Which is also annoying!)

32. Be polite. It’s nice.

33. Don’t be most people. You are you. Be yourself – you’ll be happier for it!

34. Maybe why we are successful at Your Next Level is that our customer service is pretty good, we don’t exceed stuff at the expense of quality……. Have you ever been to a restaurant that has good food but the service was bad or the waiter/waitress rude and you never went back?

35. A funny text to a friend can change your mood for the rest of the day.

36. As can music. We need more music in our lives. I cannot wait to get back to a gig……it almost feels emotional watching clips of Glastonbury re-runs.

37. Whether its the music or the friends – maybe it’s the combination – Make time for both!

38. . In a world that has suddenly become insular and less social…….It’s great to have a great group of people who you can turn around and chat to – while feeling great exercising at the same time.

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8 weeks To get leaner – And my 2020 highlights

2020 – What a weird year!  Back in February I had one of the best nights out I can remember – watching terrorvision in Leeds with several mates 👌🏻 

And then ….lockdown hit.  

With my wife being a key worker I was the headteacher! (Note the badge!)

The business I have put loads into had to take a massive back seat, family stuff became a massive focal point .

Even though it’s been a “bad” year – some of the memories we made , would not have been possible without the restrictions …….Like:

Seeing Isla ride her bike for the 1st time:

Kiera chin ups for fun!

Watching money Heist  and trying to play the tune! 😂

We got through lockdown with home workouts….

The girls go to spend lots of time (and have loads of fun!) in the gym as it was empty!

We Eventually moved house! In the middle of lockdown! 

My Brother had a lockdown wedding!

Does anyone remember the amazing weather?!

Cleaning the gym took a while after lockdown…..



Anyway, with all the fun we had been having, I kind of let some habits slip. 

You probably know – extra treats like crisps , chocolate, a few beers in the early evening with the hot weather….

So I decided to get my own coach for a short 8-week challenge . 

I know what you’re thinking – if you know what to do….why do you need to pay someone to coach you? 

I’ll tell you why!

If you don’t answer to someone – you will more than likely just trick yourself or skimp on things you need to do!

So here’s my before shot …. 15th October 

Here’s the Before-to-after (December 10th) 

Easier to say in words what I learned – and what you can learn (!) …from my short 8 week stint.

I forgot to mention that this was a shorter way of getting a little leaner again to where I likely got my leanest for a holiday a while back…..but that one was a few months in the process….

If you have any questions and want to get started, get in touch via the contact page 🙂

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Your Next Best Year Program !!

Maybe you want to work with John Cammish and it is not feasible for whatever reason…..(Cost, travel time, gym hours etc)

“What’s been most profound for me…is not the “losing weight”……..It’s the …whole……….”How I am!”…DIFFERENT!…. ”

Having been a Precision Nutrition Coach since 2013 ,  John has worked with several hundred clients in-person at Your Next Level Fitness, and you now have the opportunity to work through the ProCoach Program with him by your side.

With the YOUR NEXT BEST YEAR PROGRAM, you will get….

  • Daily lessons to build your knowledge, keep you “switched on.”
  • Every second week you’ll get a new habit to put into practice.
  • 26 habits built in over the year to make the change more permanent – not a quick-fix-and-back-to-yo-yo-dieting.
  • Practice these new habits daily by actioning small tasks, perfect the habit.
  • Lessons & workshops are delivered in text, audio & video format (So you don’t have to read all the time – maybe you take things in better when you hear them!)
  • Weekly progress checks
  • Every month you’ll upload photos as part of your progress tracking. (Optional – but recommended) Also, circumference measurements and all in graph format for you to see your own progress.
  • Guidance from your coach, John, on the ProCoach online programme.
  • Bonus Facebook group to discuss with other people doing the same habits!

Tons of success stories…..

You might have seen Lisa’s Story……

……who did the year-long program and Loved it! If you read her story you will note she says:

“Going here and completing the Course has rewired my brain in relation to food and strength training.

How does it work?

Womens Program

Mens Program

Workout programs each Month

365 days of the Program

How much is the “Your Next Best Year” program?

Depending on the level of help you would like, and whether or not you want to use Your Next Level Gym to Train there are 5 options…



When can I start?”

The Next intake will likely be to January 4th 2021. Contact me here with the title “I WANT IN” and I will put you on the waiting list 😎

Do I get told what to eat?

We try to avoid specific meal plans as they are usually “all-or-nothing.” We adapt your existing foods and drinks to help you enjoy what you already enjoy, but make strides to get leaner, stronger, healthier – whichever you want to focus on! That said, you might end up making your own “meal plan” that works for you!

How often are the workouts?”

We work on a flexible system to fit you – but ideally doing resistance training 2-3 times a week, with 1-2 cardiovascular or mobility/stretching routines. Some people have done 15-20mins most days instead. The exercise aspect is usually 5 hours total, or less as food and mindset is key, but we see the huge benefits of resistance training 3 session a week.

In the “Gold” Option – Do I have to choose either 1 hour bootcamp or 30 minute bootcamps? I like both!”

You can choose to do either! We will add enough to last you the year and you can change them as you see your schedule 😊

If I pay up front for the year – I get 10% off ?”

That’s right!

“Do I have to use Your Next Level Gym Can I use my own gym or exercise at home? “

You don’t have to use Your Next Level Gym to do the workouts, but you know we are at hand to help if you do!

The Silver Gold and Platinum Levels allow you access at Your Next Level Fitness, and you can also do the odd Pay as You go session too. If you want to use another gym or train a home that will work well, although if training at home, we do recommend investing in some Dumbells and bands.

With the daily emails, I don’t like to do a lot of reading…..

That’s ok ! You can LISTEN to each lesson in your car or at home !

Final thoughts

Often, we think of the “quick fix”…..the “If I just lose some weight I will be happy” mentality. Although weight loss is a key part of the program, it’s the mental unpacking and re-packing of the information and ideas we hold about the world that is the real magic in this program.

Hopefully you want to make 2021 your “best year” and I can be with you each step of the way.

Are you ready to take that step?


Lisa Loves Your Next Level!

Much happier after finding Your Next Level

My journey here at Your Next Level Fitness has been an amazing one, I’ve changed so much not only physically but mentally too.  If you don’t mind I’d like to give you a brief background………

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I was happy with my size and shape,  But I wasn’t healthy.  I smoked, partied hard at weekends, and had been on anxiety tablets on and off for many years.  My GP even said my anxiety is in my DNA.  I will always be on medication for it!

I had my little boy at 39 and put on a good 4 stone during my pregnancy.  I was the size of a bus!  So much so, I spent that last month of it sat in a chair, as moving around was quite painful and exhausting!

Despite absolutely loving being a new Mum, I was so down with my appearance which fuelled my anxiety even more. I wasn’t in a good place.

So just over 2 years ago, I decided to start running (I hated it, and I really wasn’t very good at it) as thought I would really burn some calories,  But I didn’t lose much really.  I started an aerobics type class as well, thinking that would help, but not much happened there either.

I had heard about bootcamps and Riva and I had been talking to someone who recommended Your Next Level, saying how good they were and you won’t find anything like it elsewhere.

So I rang and spoke with John who asked what we wanted to achieve out of it.

Well as soon as we walked in, we both said “I think we are going to like it here!”  Although I did think because of the size of me, I’m bound to be pulling machines over, and snapping bands ect……seriously…I couldn’t even do a body weight squat without being in so much pain!  I was so unfit and weak.

Exercise is hard…….at first…….!

Over the coming months, I ditched the aerobic class I was doing elsewhere and the running and increased my bootcamp classes to 4 times a week, and in October 2018 I enrolled on a year-long Precision Nutrition course too, John was my coach on the course.  I was on a mission!!

Since October 2018 I’ve lost over 4 stone,  and I’ve never felt better!!  

During bootcamps, John and Lee praise you, and will advise you when you’ve not quite got the correct posture… makes a difference when you do it right!  They always say “Hi” and ask how you are, they’re interested in one thing, and that is to help you get to your goal and helping you through obstacles that come your way, in the process. They are a mind of information and advice on fitness and nutrition.

I love all this and I love the camaraderie during the class.  Everyone is so friendly, and a good laugh. And there is encouragement between us too.  

Click to see a typical class!

In comparison to other gyms I used to be part of in the past….they wasn’t interested if I didn’t go as long as I was still paying (and didn’t pay much attention to me while I was there), whereas John IS interested and wants to help and see you get back in there,  All the coaches at Your Next Level are so very very good at what they do.  

Prior to starting at Your Next Level, If I’d had an off day, I would get my pjs on and pour a glass of wine and feel sorry for myself.  The new Lisa (when having an off day) is so eager and committed to get to class because I know I will feel better.  Going here and completing the PN course has rewired my brain in relation to food and strength training.

I am no longer on anxiety tablets.  AND…..I can:


  • Goblet squat a 25kg dumbell and barbell squat 60-70kg
  • Do assisted chin ups with bands, and FULL press ups!
  • Trap bar deadlift 80-100kg for reps
  • Row at a fast pace for 5-10mins
  • And more!

Who’d have thought I could come this far, in a year.

A massive thank you to John, and Lee and the whole team there, who inspire and encourage me every day, to enjoy my journey, because I’m still on it, tweaking it as I go, and with some more improvements to come,  

Lisa  xx

Lisa has gone through some massive changes this past year, from relying on anxiety medication to coming off them completely, with strength and fitness levels consistently building, and getting leaner consistently too. Lisa realises the importance of patience and consistency – and is a pleasure to work with!

AFTER TRAINING on a Friday 5.30pm class!

Lou’s Journey with Your Next Level Fitness

It all started almost 3 years ago when a friend asked me to go with her to a personal training session one Sunday morning – up until then I had thought I should do some form of exercise but found numerous excuses not to start!

I hadn’t heard of Your Next Level Fitness before then and really didn’t know what to expect.  Gyms can be very intimidating places especially if you lack confidence and are self-conscious which many of us are. So I can’t say I looked forward to that first session. The gym is relatively small (but perfectly formed!) with a really friendly atmosphere.  From first stepping into the Gym and reading the motivational slogans on the wall I got a feeling that I might actually like it. 

 John coached us through the session and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We agreed that we would book onto a session the next week and “give it a go”

We started with the Tuesday and Thursday 6pm 30 minute Boot-camp sessions and after a couple of weeks I was hooked.  After a few weeks my friend dropped out but I carried on going to the sessions on my own and even added the weekly 60 minute Saturday morning session held outside on the Rugby field (in all weathers!).  Great fun!

Initially what I lacked in technique and ability I think I made up for in enthusiasm – I couldn’t do full press ups but could do them from my knees, I couldn’t hold a plank for very long but I had a go and that’s the main thing… you don’t know what you are capable of until you have a go.

We read about how exercise produces Serotonin and releases Endorphins which makes us feel good and boosts our mood ….. I can now say that I fully understand this and have noticed a huge difference in my physical and mental health since starting a regular exercise routine. 

Once I started to feel physically fitter I realised I would benefit more from the exercise sessions if I also made changes to my diet and lifestyle.  I started making small changes – reducing the amount of alcohol I drank, eating more slowly so as to recognise when I’m satisfied rather than eating everything on my plate and then looking for “afters” and taking notice of portion sizes ….. as a woman with a sedentary job I don’t need to eat the same size meal as my husband or son!

I started following the WW plan for food, mainly to give me some formal direction and fast forward a year I am now 3 ½ stone lighter but more importantly I am healthier with a healthier mind set in relation to food.

This has had a huge knock on effect to my exercise routine in that I am now able to attempt things I could only have dreamt about a couple of years ago.

The sense of achievement after completing the  Total Warrior event in Leeds with the YNLF team back in June 2017 was mind blowing – I have never done anything like that before in my life and although it was tough I loved every minute of it – I’m hoping to do it again…

When I started out I couldn’t do one full press up but with the encouragement of John and Lee at YNLF I can now do 10 decent full press ups in a row – I’m now aiming to do 12+

My latest victory is managing to do a chin up! I never thought I would be saying that! I’m aiming for 3 in a row now.

I’ve met some great people at YNLF who all have their own story as to why they are there – the most important thing is that …..they are there! 

I would say to anyone thinking about coming to Your Next Level Fitness just do it …. Take that step and you will never look back.   Like that well known advert says “because you’re worth it!!”

There are a variety of Boot-Camp session times and opportunities to use the open Gym where there is always a qualified PT around if you need assistance.  No matter how busy your lifestyle there will be a time to suit.

I currently do the Monday evening 5.30pm  60 min Boot-camp with John and the Friday morning 6am 60 min Boot-camp session….. but depending on my weekly commitments with my full time job and busy home life I can change these times to suit.

Who would have thought that that first Sunday morning session almost 3  years ago would lead me to where I am now feeling happier and healthier in my 50’s than in my 20’s, 30’s or 40’s?!

Thanks to all at YNLF for your support and encouragement ……….wonder what I might attempt next!

Lou Hunn 


New Additions to Your Next Level Fitness!

You may have heard about the recent  Your Next Level Expansion!  

CLICK HERE  to Read about the new personal training gym in Hessle where we started the last phase of the process.

Today’s update is about 2 of the coaches that you will be seeing a lot more of if you are involved in the Your Next Level Fitness Family!

lee wiles profile

Hi Everyone, my name’s Lee Wiles.
For some of you I won’t need an introduction to, but others I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting.
I’m happy to let you all know that I am going to be working with John and his team at the new Your Next Level Fitness gym.
Having known John for almost ten years – in that time I’ve learnt so much from him having been trained by and training with him.
I am hugely passionate about health and fitness and I can’t wait to get started using the knowledge I’ve learnt from courses I’ve undertaken and from John himself.
I know that when you all see the new gym, you will agree that it is going to be something special and I’m really excited that I’ll be there helping you with your training and to achieve your goals.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you in 2016.

Here’s James with his own words:

james bednarski bio pic

Hi folks, my name’s  James Bednarski & excited to be a trainer working with John at the new venue.

I live 5min away with my wife & little girl so im a local lad! My passion is helping people to live happier lives through great health, so you’ll come across me doing Personal Training, Sports Massage & some of your Bootcamps.

Im looking forward to working with Cam again after 10yrs & really looking forward to getting to know guys in workouts & socially,

Have a great Christmas see you soon!!

Both Lee and  James are going to be a massive help at the Your Next Level Fitness training ……Watch this space and you’ll get to meet them soon!



Options To Lose Weight In Hull

It’s coming to that time of the year again.

“I want to lose weight

“I want to lose my belly after Christmas / in the New Year”

“I AM going to lose weight this time!”

“January IT IS!”

Being a personal trainer in hull that has helped many people lose weight  I tend to get quite a bit of attention when people hear about what I do .

Often the conversation goes a long the lines of this:

“So you’re a trainer eh? So….how do I get rid of this?” (Points or grabs hip/waist/belly)

I then have a few options.

a)       Spend 10-15 minutes going through various foods and training scenarios – only to find that there is ‘no way’ that said person could give up this food or that time, or train so many days a week.

Or lift heavy things.

Or drink water on its own.

Or ___(insert your own strategy)___ .

b)       Get onto another topic – because hey! I’m not at work! 😉

‘b)’ tends to be more popular these days!  Truth be told, I do usually give a bit of good info – but honestly, nothing get’s done until someone steps through my door READY TO TAKE ACTION .

Anyway, while I may only have 2 options,  if you want to lose weight (fat in particular)…….YOU in fact, have MANY OPTIONS!!

  1. Do it on your own.

This is hard.  You maybe have a gym membership or you have some home equipment.

Either way, you need to get yourself motivated to do the work, and with no one else doing it with you (or even making sure you stay on track) – It can be so much nicer to just sack it off


 Cam’s top tip: If you go this route – try and get a training partner.

1, They will be ready to train and make you turn up (you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to turn up!)


2, They will push you to train harder .  These benefits will help them also – its WIN WIN!  This just ONE of the options we have at YOUR NEXT LEVEL FITNESS(opens in Facebook)… and is simple…you train together, maybe use similar exercises and reps, but change some things if they do not suit you. 

So one of you might do step ups, one of you might squat to a bench if you have sore knees.  One of you might use more weight on the dumbell press.

Either way, you all train in a nice place, and it’s win win!

If you’re at a gym, the main drawback is that it can cost more money….. say 10 years at a gym from £30-£50 per month is £3600-£6000 over 10 years.  Home equipment will just cost you the outlay of equipment.

If you want a home set-up I would recommend resistance like a barbell and some other stuff if you want it.

Using resistance is the easiest – if not the only way to shape your body. Now, it doesn’t matter too much if you use barbells, dumbells, sandbags, kettlebells, or bales of hay!

Whatever the tool – you need it to be hard for your body to change to adapt to the workload.

If you are serious and can afford to spend upwards of a few hundred quid , I recommend a power rack,

a bench,

and a basic barbell set of about 100-200kg depending on your goals. (150kg will provide enough for 99% of men – 100kg for 99% of women )

However, If you don’t want tons of weights lying around – there is a set-up that you may be interested in. Enter Suspension Training

TRX is the main brand about – but its quite expensive.

You can do press ups variations, pull up variation, work your abs, you name it.

You can check it out further by CLICKING HERE

TRX isn’t the only suspension trainer on the market:

We actually have the Jungle Gym XT system…….pretty similar…..

jungle gym reverselunge

RIP 60 looks cheaper – but I have not seen it in person to judge against the TRX and Jungle Gym XT quality-wise.  


Find out about the rip 60 trainer by CLICKING HERE



I find Bands such a valuable tool to train at home!

Here are the bands we recommend :


Both purple and red bands are great for pull aparts, I would recommend the purple ones for 90% of people .(click to buy)

The drawback of home equipment?

It often doesn’t get used  – apart from to hang clothes up on!

Other options…..

  1. Do it on your own – with an in-home DVD like Insanity,   Jillian Michaels Shred  or P90X  !  (Click to have a look)

You get to play along with your favourite presenter doing things from bodyweight exercises to shimmying at zumba!

Pro: Cheaper than a gym membership

Don’t have to wait for your partner to be there if they sack it off

Can provide good motivation at the especially at the start

Cons: 1 routine will only last 6-8 weeks……..unless it has built-in progressions and regressions like all good programs should have

You don’t know if you are actually doing the exercise correctly!

You will know the words of the presenter off by heart “Now go for the BURRRN!! (Coming up to 3 mins in…) “Yeeeeah That’s it!” (Like he can see you?!)

You can turn the DVD off  if you want to sack it offNO ONE will even know! (even if you tell your child to keep it quiet too!)

 And Zumba?  Although any movement is good as so many people sit all day……You would need to do a lot of hours of zumba in a week if you want my opinion (Unless your food is sound). Seen as though aerobic exercise is not as time efficient for fat loss than higher intensity exerciseYou had better do it a lot!

Plus, if you’re a man – you may not want to be seen doing a zumba class (CLICK to Watch in YOUTUBE)

The ‘cardio’ I prefer are some sort of sprint (bodyweight or resisted) or for most people the Concept 2 Rower is a great tool to have.

rower concept2woman

In fact, one client of ours called Juliet did weights with us…..and used the Concept 2 Rower as her cardio training when not with us….And she did pretty well! 😉

Photoshoot 011

You can read all about Juliets journey using the rower ….and  weights…and food…..and mindset BY CLICKING HERE!

We also have another cardio tool at Your Next Level Fitness

The Assault Bike! (We have 3 rowers and 3 Assault bikes)

You could always just use this ‘ere tinternet’ and find various articles about losing weight –

sites like:

The thing with reading all these website and not starting something is that you don’t take action!

One site will say count calories – another will say don’t bother.

One will say lift weights, one will say to run.

One may say eat maple syrup and cayenne pepper drinks all day and some people may actually do it!  (Oh dear)

Mmmmnnnnnnnn! I feel satisfied already!!!!!

There’s even calorie counters like  and if you so wish.

The problem with calorie counting is that it’s not an exact science, as your body deals with chemicals – not just heat.  (Measuring the heat given off by burning foods is how we know roughly how many calories are in them) 

For more on this read The Calorie Conundrum  (You need to be a member, by joining for free HERE ->

If you want my opinion on calories on one sentence =  Calories do matter for weight gain/loss………..however the type of food is more important, and 95% of the time I don’t have client count calories because that time (A LOT OF TIME) could be better spent exercising and preparing meals.

After all – if calories were all that mattered – then weight watchers would be all we would need.

And that leads us perfectly on to slimming groups!

3 You could join a weight loss group.

Weight watchers and slimming world appear to be the main slimming groups (I am aware there are many more)

The good thing about these groups (and why they are successful) is that if you change your food habits for the better – really good things can happen.  Just check out some of the success stories HERE )

All these didn’t just exercise, they changed their nutritional habits.

Simply being in a group and trying to change your habits is a lot easier than going it alone. You can see where others are going wrong – and they can help you too. Often it’s not that the slimming group has thr right information – just that the social and accountability involved makes the difference.

It’s important to note these drawbacks of weight watchers (click)

4.Train with others at a gym in a class

This gets around the problem of not having a friend to train with or make sure you actually turn up. Other like-minded people will train in a class with you……it could be a spin class, a boxing class, a bodypump class………there are many to choose from!

Pros: You turn up because others do

  • You may evcen make a few extra friends to hang out with outside of training
  • Pushes you harder
  • You can get a lot iof work inside an hour with an instructor not letting you slack


  • Often you have to go along at the ability level of the rest of the class
  • Even when there are progressions to make it harder – usually the amount of weight on the bar is the easiest to change – and most studios don’t have enough plates.

Our classes use plenty of weights so that this is not a limiting factor.

Classes usually do too much aerobic work. Yes, you get a sweat on as you are nearly constantly moving – but your body soon adapts (maybe 6-8 weeks) and then your body will hardly change unless you make it SIGNIFICANTLY harder.

Technique  – while this is better than on your own unsupervised – often in a class of 20 people it will be really hard to correct – especially in a lot of classes where the instructor takes part.

There is a lot more to classes in gyms – and I thouroughly recommend you read ARE YOU A CLASS JUNKIE (only available when you are a member here = outlines the good and bad so you can see for yourself

5. You can hire a personal trainer. I’ll try not to be too biased!

The biggest downside of hiring a personal trainer is the cost. £20,30,40,50+ per hour is a lot of money – and when I first started out I thought it was unusually high.

However (!), Now that I am wiser, more knowledgeable, and better looking (my wife may argue differently) – I really see the value……ESPECIALLY in the first few sessions.

Why the first few sessions?

a)       You learn HOW to lift properly.

I wish I had even known about personal trainers when I was 16 – I would have invested a few months pocket money for 1 hour of solid advice no problem. (Reason being I spent tons of time doing bench presses, shoulder presses and curls in my bedroom and shed………… with my weights from ARGOS  .

I did, I’m pleased to add, do a lot of squats and lunges off the old WEIDER posters that came with the weights!!

I would say that the weight training on my legs is what helped make me such a fast football player. Beside, no guy wants chicken legs do they????

b)       You learn what the best foods are to eat to build muscle and lose body fat.  What can I say? This is priceless.

c)       You’re more likely to stay injury free (because you are lifting properly)

d)       If the trainer is really good – you’ll learn how to program your own sessions. Yes they may not be perfect as you re not under the direct supervision of a trainer, but they will be better than 90-99% of the other people in the gym randomly lifting and spinning their wheels……or watching TV!!!

e)       You get support in future

f)        You get the accountability factor 

“If I can get to bootcamp – I can get through the session!” Is what I remember hearing a few times last summer.  If you book in with someone – you are less likely to cancel than if it was just you saying to yourself “I’ll train tomorrow morning.”

If you need to find a Personal Trainer in Hull – check us out first.

Also, Do they do nutrition? Food is a MASSIVE part of the fat loss equation – and if you have someone who ‘just trains’ – they might not be the on for you.  Oh, you may want to see their insurance if you are really unsure.

If looking elsewhere – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading this post = 5 Quick Ways for Successful Personal Trainer Shopping

Also, check if they do personal training as a small group (I do!) as this can bring down costs and you can sometimes prefer it to one on one training!

6. Do a Bootcamp

Bootcamps are everywhere these days. On the plus side – they can be fun, effective and are cheaper than personal training sessions.

However, like all things – There is a downside!

Depending on the bootcamp – there are a number of things to consider.

What’s the goal of the program?

Is it safe?

What about injuries?

Ability levels and modifications!

The goal?

Some programs are ‘fitness’ programs and will focus on aerobic exercise. Great for aerobic fitness, not so time-efficient for fat loss. It has been documented that aerobics are not that great for fat loss when you factor in the calorie burn post workout. Things like interval training would do better – given the amount of time you invest. (That’s not to say that aerobic exercise is ‘bad’…….just that it’s not the best use of your ……..say……3 hours a week you have available to train. )

That said – if you don’t like to train shorter and harder – then you have to do the exercise that you will stick with!

Is it safe?

If you’ve read my work on my website before – you will know that I am not a supporter of running if quite overweight.

This is where you have to be a bit wary of  some classes as it can be as easy as you, yourself starting up a bootcamp of your own!!!!

“Hey! I’m in a field, and let’s start a weight loss class where we run laps and then we might do some press ups here and there –  thanks for the money!

If overweight, running is a lot of stress on your joints. Also, if doing press ups (a chest exercise – front of the body) and nothing for the back  – pulling exercises – you are causing an imbalance at the shoulder joint (which can then affect posture….and lead to back pain and more).

Some can be all pain and no gain!

Click this link to read an interesting article regarding some bootcamps.

There is definitely a place for these types of bootcamp – and a certain type of person. They can be fun, challenging and for some, a really good idea.

I just think they are not for everyone – especially if you are a few stone overweight.

What about injuries? Ability levels and modifications!

As addressed – running while overweight may cause problems – if not now, then most certainly later on in life. How do you make it doable without the pain?

The pushing and pulling – make sure there is some pulling going on! And not the Friday night kind!

Some people will struggle with some exercises – is there a way to make it doable? Also, is there a way to challenge the more advanced participants?

7. Go online with a Coach.

There are many around, and each will be better at some things than others.

I myself don’t prepare people for bodybuilding  – I mainly help people look and feel better while coping with the usual stresses – work / family / social outings…..the stuff I deal with!

If you are interested in our online coaching, and can commit to 15-20mins per day , then go here:

8. Do A Bootcamp  at Your Next Level Fitness!

When I started up – I knew I wanted to teach groups after my days teaching BODYPUMP and SPINNING.(CLICK HERE to find out why I stopped)

Anyway, I started HULL’S FIRST BOOTCAMP back in 2009 – and I learned gradually how to design and manage large groups effectively.  We started out with a handful in the summer – and became smaller in the winter!

The weather was poor here – check this vid out…..hard work! (CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW)

Upon moving to Hessle rugby club –  Bootcamps moved with me.

We are different to most bootcamps as we:

Don’t do long distance running.

We use equipment so that you pull things aswell as push  – not just press ups! (So makes for healthier shoulders)

We have a small community that is full of great people….including me as bad Santa!

Over the years we have had some massive transformations including

Tony Losing about 8 stone (He is now under 20stone and lost nearly 10 stone!) 

Juliet lost half her body weight…..became more confident…stronger….and a top rower!!!! 

juliet oct-aug transition (45 weeks) front side back

Lorna has been with us for many years….and went from zero press ups to 20+, doing 3 chin ups, benching and squating a lot more….changing her shape click to read more!

Kendra and her Mum losing weight together (click for full story)

Andrea lost about 7 stone (and more importantly changed her body, her confidence and her life) in less than a year! (Click for full diary!!) 

Vicky lost several dress sizes and has a new love for fitness! (Click for full story!)

Food and drink lover Darren blasted his gut with a laser like approach! 

Debbie went all out and feels great! Click to read!

There are many more too  – and you can be one of them! The most successful often invest in a 1-on-1 to go through nutrition and they stick to the plan 🙂

We simply encourage you to do your best – while we provide the food tips, training sessions – and a supportive community.  I feel like we use the best bits from all the options laid out above – and we try to strengthen the weaker points.

I hope you enjoyed this post – and that you realise that you DO have quite a few options 🙂

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Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Patients

I have had quite the weekend, learning from some of the world’s top coaches, and having a blast doing some exercises –  It’s fun being a bit of a science-fitness geek!

However, today I am letting David Haas write with a guest post.  This is to highlight the positive effect that exercise can have on patients – so I will let him speak his words……

Cancer—-just saying that word produces pictures in the mind of losing one’s hair, being so tired it’s nearly impossible to get up out of bed, and of course, feelings of almost constant nausea. It conjures up fears both real and imagined. One wonders, “How will it change me? What will I look like after treatment? How will I ever get back to where I was before I was sick?”

While there’s not one right answer to all of these questions just like there’s no one right treatment, there is a relatively simple thing that a person can do that will not only alleviate some of these feelings, but help the person feel physically better.

It’s exercise, and whether a person has prostate, colon, or mesothelioma it provides both relief for the physical as well as the mental symptoms that come along with the diagnosis.

Findings from new research, which was published in U.S. News and World Report, indicate that women who have contracted breast cancer benefit when they engage in regular exercise.

What the study uncovered was that regular physical activity balanced out depressive feelings, helped patients boost their energy levels, helped the cancer survivors access an inner sense of well-being. The assumptions drawn from the study conclude the participants were able to transfer the feelings of strength that they drew from their regular exercise routines and bring it to other areas of their lives like work, family responsibilities, and social interactions.

However, people with other types of cancer like mesothelioma or prostate are helped as well by exercise. According to some more general findings by the National Cancer Institute, physical activity during treatment makes a huge difference in a person’s outlook. In fact, exercise is seen as such an important part of recovering from cancer that there is now a recommendation that it become a regular part of treatment much like a heart patient would go to rehabilitation.

Said Dr. Courneya of NCI , “We’re finding that patients can do a lot more than we originally thought they could do, even when they’re on chemotherapy or radiation therapy.”

This is promising news for those undergoing treatment for mesothelioma, breast, and other types of cancer.

Additionally, because cancer changes people both physically and mentally, one of the goals for recommending exercise during treatment is to help people improve their body image and composition. Physical activity helps rebuild muscles and strengthen bones, which when weakened by illness tend to point toward a person’s illness. The effect is that the outside world notices the illness and not necessarily the person.

Finally, lest it begins to seem overwhelming to think about exercise when there are so many pressing issues involved with recovery, physical trainer Marilyn McAllister had this to say about exercise and cancer treatment:

 “Everybody benefits from exercise, but it can be so dramatic in cancer patients. It doesn’t take much training to produce big results in their lives.”


I hope you found David’s word useful.  Many people have all have been affected by Cancer in some way – or know someone that has.  Sometimes the simplest things could help a great deal.  You can learn more by visiting Davids blog .