About Us

What can I say!

My Name is John Cammish and I own Your Next Level Fitness.  I began working at The Village Gym in Hessle in 2006 when it first opened, and was known as ‘Cam’ ….training clients, and teaching BODYPUMP and SPIN Classes.


I soon found that resistance training was getting superior results than the classes I was teaching…..so In 2009, I began My Own Outdoor Bootcamp (Photos can be seen here).    It’s funny, because people thought I was mad , but now closing in on 2018, you will see outdoor bootcamps all over the place.   The difference was I was using strongman equipment ……..and everyone else was just doing the same stuff – just outdoors.

Since then, we have moved to the Hessle Rugby Club (where we still do our Outdoor 8am class)…..but we have a dedicated indoor space at the old San Luca Restaurant Building, primarily for Bootcamps, personal training and general training use. We have a team of coaches that we know and trust, and because we all have different strengths – we all learn from each other.

If you are wondering about our clients, and newsworthy information, check out the following !

Our SUCCESS STORIES PAGE ( A collection of peoples words and photos – bear in mind we have many who don’t wish to feature, however many realise how they inspire others!)

I worked with a TV company on “Fat – The Fight of My Life”


I was asked to contribute to WOMENS FITNESS MAGAZINE 

We have had clients featured in Local running magazine…

We do Events such as Total Warrior ……..


And many more things I can’t even remember!