Leanne Loved Her Personal Training Experience at Your Next Level Fitness

Leanne came for personal training and was recommended from a referral from another client of mine (Thanks Becky!!)

Here’s a little intro ….

What do you notice when you first come to Your Next Level Fitness ?

Describe your feelings on your first day!

What have you noticed with the strength training?

Mini rant about Social Media and why we can work around limitations…..

An undervalued quality in a coach! (NSFW !) – F Bomb 😂!

“Other coaches in the past have made me feel………”

What had you done before……and how was this different?

A quick word on Menopause

“It’s not a judgement zone”…….

“Seeing women strength training at Your Next Level Fitness……”

“It’s not about how you look – it’s about how you FEEL…”


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