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Leanne Shares Her Insight on Personal Training with John Cammish at Your Next Level Fitness!

Leanne came for personal training and was recommended from a referral from another client of mine (Thanks Becky!!)

Here’s a little intro ….

What do you notice when you first come to Your Next Level Fitness ?

Describe your feelings on your first day!

What have you noticed with the strength training?

Mini rant about Social Media and why we can work around limitations…..

An undervalued quality in a coach! (NSFW !) – F Bomb 😂!

“Other coaches in the past have made me feel………”

What had you done before……and how was this different?

A quick word on Menopause

“It’s not a judgement zone”…….

“Seeing women strength training at Your Next Level Fitness……”

“It’s not about how you look – it’s about how you FEEL…”

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Leanne’s Personal Training Shots

First off – If you haven’t watched Leanne’s words about her Personal Training sessions – click here!

The Warm-up

As usual, we started with a warm-up and check of all areas to see if anything was amiss….. and to get the body prepared for the loads that are coming!

The Strength Training

Leanne had got into training the chin up! I believe the chin-up is so satisfying to achieve!

We had progressed from using lat pull downs and ring rows to the banded chin up, but unfortunately, prior to the session, Leanne had suffered from a recurring shoulder niggle with her traveling with a heavy suitcase. (Part of why getting stronger was important for her)

She managed the blue band for set of 3 before some steadier ring rows!

Pendulum squats

We have only brought these in recently – as Leanne thought you “HAD” to barbell squat….(check out these videos on her words why she thought barbell squats were essential )……………and she already had niggling back issues.

We spent several weeks doing single-leg strength work, and this is an example where she felt confident doing this machine and able to work hard with a good amount of knee flexion.

Low incline Dumbell Chest Press

Leanne has been mastering presses and press ups – now can do 5-6 full press ups on the floor ! Again, we spent several weeks doing dumbell and barbell pressing……so that she could master lighter weights before using bodyweight – many women struggle with bodyweight press ups so this was a great learning exercise to get stronger!

Seated Leg curls

Due to the back issues Leanne had in the past – we used a machine to target the hamstrings – the seated Leg Curl.

A deadlift or something more complicated could have potentially resulted in the lower back being more stressed….(more pain)…..we kept the work in the legs!

REHAB Exercises

Due to spending 10-12 hours a day working hard at a computer – we used some exercises to help with posture and prevent unwanted rotation in the lower back.

Extra arm work

Doing some extra arm work can help correct any weak links, and it’s also good to feel the muscle working – as opposed to the bigger exercises which can be flat-out hard!


It’s good for your health to do some cardiovascular exercise. We don’t do a lot of cardio – it’s unnecessary to do more than you require.

The prowler is a great strength exercise that gets the heart and lungs working at the same time – some love it – some hate it!

And you can add weight with a person getting involved……! Covid “high-five” optional!!!! 😂

You can see how much we chat and still have a laugh – while still working really hard in the session! We don’t just tire you out with burpees and stuff to get you tired…… there are reasons for every exercise.

If you haven’t seen Leanne’s words on our training – CLICK HERE

If you choose to want to know more – and feel better, stronger, fitter …..then get in touch by emailing John at .

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