What Are You Paying For?!

The world of Health…Fitness….Motivation…..it’s a weird one.

From a Coaches perspective……You can see why I would be all-for-someone getting the best out of their fitness plan.

On the other hand……I realise there is a budget to be kept to for every individual…..and I REALLY WANT THAT TO BE MAXIMISED!

I HATE it when I hear people say something along the lines of “I was at Gym X…paying £45 a month, and went 3 times a week for January and February…It was a 12-month contract.

(Said person just spent £22.50 PER VISIT TO THE GYM….and probably hated most of it, either bordom, loneliness….or both.


And I get it.

Personal training costs (usually in our area) anywhere from £20-50 a session.  Not many people can afford that….. and I don’t recommend that people need hundreds of sessions!

I do however, think that 90% of people could benefit from 3-12 months of training……even if it is a handful of sessions spaced 1 month apart.

The reasons are many (and these are just a few) :

  • Learn proper Technique to maximise time, ensure safety, and have less chance of pain in later life
  • Learn to push hard at the right times
  • Learn why exercises should be structured in such a way to help posture, and get the most out of your session
  • Learn about food and a style to help you keep weight off


So what about bootcamps and group training etc?

Our group sessions are essentially snapshots of personal training.  You are getting a similarly structured session, just that there are a few more people with you, and you pay a snippet of the cost.

The main difference between our group sessions and personal training sessions is that Data is recorded by us when personal training. (This would be pretty tough for 10 people in a class set up)

So…….My biggest beef comes when I hear about  Personal Trainers not recording their clients data!

Either this………

or this ……


Any personal trainer should be able to answer you if you ask “WHAT DID I DO LAST TIME? “



…And if you think “Well I just need my arse kicking”………and are paying £20-50 an hour for it ….. you can probably get that a lot more affordably.

In fact – if you are needing “motivation to exercise”…..look no further than our Group classes , that start at £4 a session……an absolute steal!

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