Month: November 2018

Black Friday Sale – Here’s Why Not

We don’t do “Black Friday Sales”

Reasons we DON’T do a BLACK FRIDAY Sale….


It’s harder for us a small company to see a high number of THE RIGHT clients.
We see the big gyms selling discount memberships knowing full well that people won’t come after a while.



Click the pic….

We prefer to have people come in either:

– On their own
– With a friend/partner/family member/work colleague
– With a group of friends etc

When people come to us, they often stay for years and years (take that of what you will) …..we would rather have 5 clients come in this December and stay for 5-10 years than 100 people of which many leave the next month when a deal has ran out – and possibly some of the right people dont get the attention they wanted.

2. This leads into the fact that


Imagine you go in to your gym, you’ve been paying £50 a month for.

A friend says “OH ive just done a black friday deal – Its worked out at “25 a month”…..and then you go to your gym manager and ask for the same,
he or she is likely to say no.

An interesting thing happened at a gym I previously worked at……

They put this offer in saying here’s £150 worth of vouchers for stuff.

Some of my clients wanted that deal.

What happened? The manager said NO.

Well some clients of mine just cancelled their membership and re-joined.

Bit weird though dont you think?

They ended up leaving in the end……probably due to :

A) Lack of care
B) The realisation that they are all about chasing new members than looking after current ones

3. The extra workload on the gym
– Puts a lot of stress on me and my team of coaches.
– They don’t want to be waiting for equipment because everything being used by people who are going to leave next week because some black friday deal is now no longer there.


“Say you get paid tonight at midnight….and tomorrow you want to start training with us.”

But since you’re starting the day AFTER black friday -its “20% more expensive” etc.

Why should you have to pay more?

Rant over!




Debbies Story

I was just back at work after having being signed off sick from my job for 5 months.  I’d had blood clots on my brain.  I was taking 18 tablets per day, as I am now, and will be for another few weeks at least.
I have a headache most of the time, some days are worse than others.
My weight was steadily increasing due to inactivity, boredom and worry.
I felt that I was going downhill fast and I knew I needed to take control…………..
I started going to Your Next Level Fitness, as recommended by a friend, who had been a client of John’s for many years. She said that we should set ourselves 6 weekly targets, which we did. I attended 2 bootcamps per week, reduced my food portions and got weighed every Monday morning.  I decided to try to lose the weight quickly which I have achieved.

I lost two stones in 14 weeks!

I have managed to maintain the new weight. Like most ladies, I have tried all the diets going and some have been successful in the short term but the weight has always gone back on.  I know it’s early days, but this time it’s different I know that the exercise has made the difference and that I must keep it up.
I am now a size 12, from a 16 and, to be honest, I feel  really good about myself.  The mirror is now a friend rather than something to dodge. I still often turn up at Bootcamps with a headache,  but the exercise seems to help and I feel so much better after the session.

It would have been so easy to have made excuses as to why I shouldn’t exercise but I would recommend Your Next Level Fitness to anybody. The trainers really know their stuff. Every session is different……… It’s the best gym I’ve ever been to and I’ve tried them all!

Debbie S


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