Your Next Level Fitness Has Been A Game Changer!


Before joining Your Next Level Fitness I didn’t know anything about weight training, I thought cardio was the only way you could lose weight and tone up. I joined over two years ago and I have never looked back since.

I started by attending one bootcamp session a week, this soon changed to twice a week as I was (and still do) really enjoying them. The bootcamp sessions they offer are great. They are extremely welcoming and even if you arrive alone, you never feel alone. You really feel that everyone is there to support you. There is a range of all ages who give 100% every session. John and his team are all great trainers, they take everybody’s abilities into consideration and adapt all exercises to suit your current fitness level/ability to ensure you never feel that you ‘can’t’ do it. They really know their stuff and offer a wide range of exercises that challenge your body every week and even now I leave feeling like my body has been pushed to its limits.

Bootcamp offers a full body workout which aims to target all your muscles by using a range of equipment for weight training, body exercises like press ups and burpees, and cardio using bikes, rowers, the prowler, ropes… I could go on! As someone who HATES running and biking long distances this sort of cardio is perfect, I’d take sprints on the bike over a 5k run any day!

After being a member of others gyms previously, I was shocked when I didn’t see a treadmill, is there need for one?


Am I happy about that?


I’ve been attending bootcamp for a long time now and not once have I completed the exact same session twice. I love this and really notice and appreciate the effort John puts in to make sure his sessions are fresh and interesting. What I love the most about bootcamp is that even though you could be in a group of 10-15 people you still feel as though you’re having a personal training session. John ensures he circulates during the session, but is constantly watching everyone to make sure they are using the equipment safely and also checking you’re not cheating yourself with a low weight (and yes I have tried to do this haha). 

After my partner ‘popped the question’ and the countdown to our wedding was in full swing I knew I wanted to do more. After speaking with John he suggested using the ‘open gym’. The thought of this was daunting at first, ‘how would I do it on my own’ was my first thought. I should have known not to feel like that, because of course somebody is always there to offer guidance and suggestions when you ask for it! I aimed to use the open gym twice a week before the wedding (as well as continuing to attend bootcamp twice a week) I targeted parts of my body I wanted to work on, mainly my arms and upper back. Each week I grew in confidence and used the equipment and weights independently.


Bootcamp was great for ideas and also how to set out my training sessions (work/rest time, how many sets etc). To cut a long (sweaty) story short the hard work really paid off, I felt amazing in my wedding dress, and really noticed the different in my arms. 

A lot of this was thanks to the bootcamp sessions and open gym sessions! 

I continue to use the open gym twice a week as well as bootcamp. I honestly cannot ever imagine going anywhere else. Your Next Level Fitness has been a game changer for me and I would recommend the gym and trainers to anyone!