Everything Not As It Seems! (Pun Intended!)

You will know by now (especially if you are a client of ours or you have been following us on Facebook for some time) that we use a lot of resistance training in our sessions.

Most of our clients are Women, who are led by the other mainstream sites to think that “women should do yoga and running…..and….men should do weights.”

This can be illustrated with any Google search…….I searched “man fitness”…….and I got


Then you search women fitness and you get


What you DO NOT SEE

  • Maybe this is to perpetuate the myth that heavy weight training builds monster size bodies.
  • Maybe this is to sell more 1lb, 2lb, 3lb dumbells that can be put in a lunchbox-sized case and put under the bed for years.

I am not sure.

What I DO know, is that many women are building firm bums, shoulders, backs, abs from strength training with heavy weight.

Check this :

Athlete “Camilla Seem”. …….She looks very lean, toned, and of course – Looks like she does Yoga!

You might be led to think “I need to do Yoga!”

“That’s how I will get lean fit and toned!”

….And then you can see how she actually spends most of her training……..(Click to see the vids)


How can YOU use this?

1.Dedicate 3-5 hours a week. 


3 hours you can get a lot of work done.  It doesn’t have to be 3 x 1 hours, it  can be 4 x 45mins, 5 x 30-40mins, 6 x 30mins etc.

2.Spend the majority – 70-80% – of your training with Resistance Traning

Get stronger.  Record your lifts.

3.Get leaner through food

Less of it , and less junk. If you are much heavier then add more cardio in at the end of your session – or add in walking/biking/rowing etc on other days you would normally rest.  Again, this does not have to be 1 hour, it could be 10minutes or 100minutes.

4.Stretch and feel good

In your session, you can do some yoga-style moves , but maybe do them in the warm up or between weights or at the end. They are good to do…..but will not “shape your bum” like doing many sets of squats and deadlifts will do.

Hope you enjoyed this !



PS we have our own private space where our clients use our equipment, hassle-free. Get in touch if you need a nice place with top equipment and some guidance