You Can’t Have It ALL!

I had been training fairly hard for the Hull 10k, and just a few thoughts popped in my head.
By the way… might already know some of these………or you might think “Hmmmm… I haven’t thought of that …or thought of that in that way etc” – so maybe just keep an open mind about what YOU want – and how this article might help YOU.
1. I recently smashed my Hull 10k time!
I got a PB of 41:04 and was pleased as I had been working hard the 10 weeks before the race.
2. Not Everything can increase
While my 10km times have come down steadily over the past 2 months…..some things have got worse, and things I know have got worse without testing
A) Bench press. Lost a few lbs with the extra cardio so I am just that little bit weaker than usual on most lifts
B) Squatting – simply have not been able to squat too heavy or lots because the soreness will affect running training (which has been the priority) Click the pic to watch. Several sets of these and you don’t feel like running fast the next day or two!
C) Deadlifting (likewise……I have done no bilateral (2-leg deadlifting for 8 weeks!) Even though I have not tested it – I KNOW it will be down when I come back to it.
D) Most people would think that adding in 10-20km a week would have weight falling off………..I am about 3-4lbs down but I reckon most people would guess that that amount of running “should surely drop more off” – What I find is that “Cardio helps……but it does not compare to food restriction!”
E)If anything, I have been hungrier and craving more carbs just from running a lot more.
3. I worked harder…..where usually people do “more” 
Most people say “get the miles in”  ….which is true some of the time.   What I find is breaking Personal Records is really where the magic happens.
If you run a faster pace, your “cruising pace” feels slower….and naturally increases.
4. Continue Strength work
Still doing resistance training will help your running………as it will:
– Reduce your chances of injury (Stronger bones, ligaments and tendons!)
– Improve your speed (Which hopefully transfers into longer distances)
– Help your posture and core strength (Many slouch from leaning forward )
If you were a client wanting to improve your 10k time….. then I would significantly reduce (but not totally eliminate) squats, deadlifts, step ups , lunges etc…… because you need the running work.  RUNNING is your PRIMARY GOAL.
If you were looking to lose as much fat in say 10-12 weeks…..I would not use running as the PRIMARY tool!  Eating would be the main tool, and maintaining muscle mass as you lose fat would be key to looking great. This would be resistance training 3-5 times a week with some cardio
Could you run for cardio?   Of course.
Should you try to lose fat for a holiday AND get a best 5 or 10k time?   You could do both…..but both would fall short of what you are wanting.
One meme to remember from this article ?
More often than not, we are faced with a decision.
Keeping your primary goal at the forefront of your mind can keep you on track.
This phase for me when it came to training was “How can I get my running plan in to my schedule”…..and I moved other training stuff around that question.
Have a think about your next 3 months and what you want to achieve !