F.O.M.O. ….and Excuses

Ever heard of that?
People are spending upwards of 2 hours on social media (LINK)
They want to know what is happening right now. This second!  Who is it happening to?! Tell me NOW!!!!
They want to know EVERYTHING.
And therein lies a problem with Health and Fitness……and looking and feeling great.
Because it takes time.
A whole LOT of time
You know what good things…….. VALUABLE THINGS….need?
So while we live in this “INSTANT-I-WANT-IT-NOW” world…….your body does NOT change instantly.
So your expectations will be way off.
You think you should be losing 5-10lb a week because you saw it on TV.
…..even though they had to exercise 6-8 hours most days —-LINK—>https://www.livestrong.com/article/359064-workout-routines-from-biggest-loser/
Or you might make EXCUSES….like:
1. “Exercise is too hard” (when really, it doesn’t have to back-breaking or make you sick……but it SHOULD be CHALLENGING…SO THAT YOU ACTUALLY CHANGE)
2. “Exercise and eating healthy is too expensive” ( yet people spend hundreds on alcohol and takeaways – not to mention thousands on cars/holidays/houses)
3. “I don’t have time to train like that guy/girl who is in amazing shape”  (if you exercise more days than not – for example 4 days a week, for 20-60mins…..you can see A TON OF RESULTS.
In fact, most of the people who train with us train 2-3 times a week, maybe doing the odd home workout if they cannot make the training. CHECK THEM OUT.
With excuses like these – you hurt yourself AND those around you.
Others will start to believe you.
So What SHOULD I Do?
  • Dedicate some TIME to exercising, and also for shopping for healthier foods
  • Realise it is going to take some time………..likely 3,6,12 months (Although you should start to FEEL GREAT within a week! Or sooner!)
  • You are likely going to have to CUT something else out of your life if you are busy already. I suggest some TV that you know you won’t really miss.
  • Learn from those who have done it. Our coaches have seen plenty of clients to know what works better and what does not. We will save you time!
  • Get within a supportive environment.  Our group gives that when friends and family may not (Pic from Warrior at Lakes 2013)

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