What are YOUR Values?

“Show me where someone spends their time and money and I’ll tell you what they value.”

– Many people will say that they DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME……yet they watch at least 90mins of TV on a night…if not every night. This is simply that they want to watch TV… MORE than they want to exercise or make better food decisions.   
They VALUE the TV more. Even if it is Emmerdale. Groan.
– Many people will say that “a gym membership / bootcamp / personal training is  too expensive” ………yet they will happily spend £20,000 PLUS on a brand new car…..or hundreds on Clothes or whatever it is that makes them feel good….

It’s not wrong….it’s just what people value. They really VALUE the feeling they get of driving that brand new top-of-the-range car.


Now let’s say someone really VALUES the following:

  • Feeling Stronger
  • Feeling Fitter
  • Feeling more confident wearing whatever they like

They are likely to want to exercise, and can maybe spend X amount of time and X amount of money.


One of the first people things people say when they come in – WOW!  Amazing place!  And 95% of the time – become a client and stay for a long time 🙂

For people who don’t come in, they say “whoa that’s a bit expensive.”

By the way, here is our current price list.

Now, I cannot know the price of every other bootcamp, or gym, or personal training session, but I would estimate at the following:

  • Usual other bootcamp  £25-£50 / month
  • Usual gym £20-£60
  • Usual PT £25-£35 per session or maybe £120-£240- £360 a month.


As an AVERAGE, You are likely to be paying £35-100 / month with us – unless you do Personal Training – which will likely be more.

1. Our Bootcamps use equipment. Yes, actual equipment.  Equipment that makes it more effective to burn calories, increase muscle tone and keep you safe.

People who have been to other group classes or “Bootcamps”….from what I have heard from people anyway……say ,

There was like 40 people…..and we just did

  • Running (groan)
  • Burpees
  • press ups
  • Sit ups

……………….So, basically stuff you can do at home.

For Free.

By the way, I also do the odd bit of running now and then – I really don’t like treadmills unless its an uphill walk, and even then, ahhhhhh….they just bore me!

So if you want to run or walk…….get outside!

I am not knocking bodyweight exercises.  The most impressive physiques, in my opinion, are of Gymnasts that use mostly bodyweight for their training.  The thing is, MOST people are too weak to do things like press ups…… nevermind dips and chin ups or Pull Ups.

It strikes me as really odd and almost neglectful when I hear bootcamps doing loads of press ups (upper pushing exercise), and nothing  to balance it out (an upper PULLING exercise).

This is even more pronounced in todays time where people have really poor posture.


2. It’s what YOU choose to VALUE.

We’ll pay thousands for education, cars, and homes. We will instantly drop £8 on a cup on 2 cups of coffee .

Or…..Pay a similar amount for a dose of training that teaches you some exercises that could add years to your life?


Yet what is the cost of being that little bit more unhappy?

That little bit more unhealthy?


Maybe it is because peoples views are SKEWED because there are £15-20 / month gyms popping up everywhere…and people are blinded by the word “Sale”


This because:

  • They know you won’t go.
  • The £15-20 is not THAT PAINFUL to miss……..So you don’t even realise it leaving your account
  • They can sign up 3,000 or 4,000 members, knowing they won’t all show up. Can you IMAGINE 3000 people turning up on a Monday Night?
  • They know that if you sign up for the year, you will more than likely stop going after a few months, but you remain locked in.

“The best gym member — according to a gym — pays on time every month (or even better, pays up front for a whole year) and never comes in.”

Click the photo to read why!


So see where you spend your time.
Is it fitting your Values right now?