Wolfies Story

Wolfie is a well-known Hull FC fan and somewhat of a local celebrity! I have known him since I helped opened the Village in 2006, and he recently came to Your Next Level, where he has been using one of our small group training programs with Coach Lee Wiles putting him through his paces!

Check out Wolfie’s own words below!

My story

I’ve been a floorlayer / carpet fitter for over 20 years which is a very physical job lifting and carrying plus been on my knees for long periods of time,I’ve always tried to look after myself with training but the big problem is the food I put in my mouth,I was a member of the village hotel from the day it opened which is were I met John Cammish, my weight has always been up and down and as My food choices have never been good plus not big lover of training on my own ,I started using the village as a place to just go for a swim/sauna then a coffee.

Back in January 2017 is where it all changed for me, I’d reached my heaviest weight ever and was struggling with my job and every day activity and it was even a struggle to tie my boot laces for work, also it was effecting me mentally . I knew John had set up his own gym and knew a guy off twitter called lee wiles who worked at his gym, I contacted lee and made a appointment to go see him for some advice, he spoke to John to set a program up for 12 weeks broken down to 3 x 4 week programs . I’m not going to lie but it was very tough throwing over 20 stone around a gym but lee was a great trainer and motivator.

As a proud ambassador of Paul for brain recovery I had also signed upto a 10k run in April and tough mudder in July to raise money for the charity so I had to do this and get in shape, I quickly started to get my head around things and the weight started to fall off me losing 2 stone by April, and also I completed the 10k ?‍♀️ plus passed my driving test!

End of April things then started to turn bad as my mum fell ill and sadly passed away, I still tried to keep up with my training with Lee taking up more pts and had also started the Your Next Level bootcamps where I’ve met some lovely people. I was struggling to keep my nutrition in check though and was comfort eating, in July i completed my tough mudder which may I add wouldn’t of been possible without lee/John and Your Next Level Fitness and in Sept I completed a 79 mile wolds way walk from Filey to Hessle for the Royal Marines.

Not long after that, my friend who had been suffering with cancer sadly passed away ,this totally blew my head after losing Mam aswell, I started to gain about a stone but in Oct something clicked and I got back on track and by Xmas I’d lost the stone and a bit more , training really is good for your mind and Your Next Level Fitness is the place to be, no luxuries just hard work with Lee and John will get you to your goals, I can’t praise these guys enough!

Wolfie and Lee after the Charity Bootcamp

I’m going into 2018 with more targets to reach and am already at my lowest weight for years and thoroughly enjoy my training with great people plus my fitness levels are brilliant now and also find my job so much easier.

Your Next Level Fitness is the place to be in 2018!

Kind regards,



Wolfie had a really tough 2017, but has kept up with some training and eating habits and is in a much better place.  He is right – training really is good for your mind!