Phill Turns Things Around !

Phill has been working with Your Next Level Fitness Coach Lee Wiles and doing some Bootcamps……. and is seeing the value in them and wants to spur people on to try us out!

Here are his own words!

My story: After working for the same company for nearly all my life (39 years) I’ve moved my way up to a managerial position now with a national role. This has meant a steady but gradual change from a manual and physical job role to my current role of offices, meetings and spending hours sat driving around the country.
Although my salary has increased over the years so have my waistline and general overall size and weight. For a number of years now I’ve not been much of a drinker, unlike my youth where we all overindulged whenever we could afford it.
So with parenthood and all inclusive holidays abroad my weight and general fitness suffered with small but significant steps.

Over the last 2 years of overseas holidays I’ve noticed more of my lack of fitness due to my weight.


This included problems with my lower back, shoulder and knees, where a trip to New York in March 2016 had me walking miles around the city each day and me looking for somewhere to sit down every 20 minutes. The flights were uncomfortable too as the seats were too small.

After returning from New York I said “I would get fitter and lose weight”….. where although I could hide my weight well being 6’5” it still ballooned out to around 23 stone.


However with work and family life finding the time and effort required it just never happened.


Christmas 2016 came and went along with the usual New Year resolutions which this year was more important as we were invited to my sister-in-laws wedding in the May of this year to be held in Marmaris Turkey. So I and the wife said we would diet up to the wedding to get in shape for 2 weeks in the sun with family, which again did not happen. After spending 2 weeks in Turkey at an amazing hotel all inclusive I returned home heavier than ever at around 24 stone and knew this had to stop.




After the holiday at the end of May I was on my Twitter feed checking as always all the gossip and team news of my beloved Hull FC as I followed most of the teams players, staff and a number of fellow supporters. One particular fan was of particular interest to me (and unbeknown to me lived in the avenue next to me) as he was Tweeting most days around the various charity events he was involved in.

Andy (Wolfie) had pledged to raise money for a number of charities with events in 2017 alone of a 10K run, Tough Mudder and a 26 mile walk! and all of this whilst at his own admission of being overweight and unfit, that fit me perfectly.
Andy then tweeted a picture of himself pushing the ‘prowler’ at Your Next Level Fitness gym at Hessle …….

….whilst being personally trained by PT trainer Lee Wiles. After a few messages and Andy singing the praises of Lee and the facilities at Your Next Level Fitness I knew this was my chance! I had a trial visit and immediately signed up a 3 month PT course with Lee Wiles at Next Level on June 8th 2017.


With a weekly session and a mid-week boot camp (when I can make it) I’ve just completed 6 months training under the amazing training, coaching and encouragement of PT Lee Wiles and Next Level Fitness gym owner John Cammish for the bootcamps.

The encouragement in particular along with the regular emails of fitness, diet and nutrition help and guidance has given this middle aged man the drive to become not just slimmer and lighter but fitter so that I can enjoy life and many more holidays with family.

I no longer suffer from lower back and shoulder problems and my weak knees are getting stronger as Lee targets the areas that need muscle build up.










After returning from Turkey at the end of May, unfit and struggling at 24 stone, I’m now at Christmas 2017 3 sizes smaller and 4 stone lighter. Above all I’m much fitter, sleep better with a much healthier diet (just lower fat) so still eat well.  I now see exercise as a way of life and don’t know that I’ll ever stop, although I sometimes have to drag myself to the gym, and totally knackered afterwards the feeling once home and showered makes it all worthwhile. This along with shopping for clothes where I can pretty much find something to fit me now is a great feeling!

So firstly a big thanks to Andy (Wolfie) who showed me what you can achieve if you have the right trainer and training facilities, John at Next Level Fitness for pushing me at the boot camps (but not the 12 days of Christmas) and finally Lee Wiles for his great training programs and amazing encouragement along my 6 month journey, and i can’t wait for the next 6 months (I’ll keep you posted)


Phill works phenomally hard and has achieved some great things to feel a ton better…..and with only 1-2 hours of training week …. We think that is a great return on investment and great value too!