Do NOT Believe Everything You See ONLINE!

Whoa that Personal trainer / Gym……….He /She/ They MUST be AMAZING(!)….Because…….They’re doing something so Cool and crazy yeah!!!!

This quick article will highlight some of the issues you probably don’t even think about when you hear or see particular individuals ONLINE.

1. The “No Clothes” Trainers

Click here a moment ————>

Notice anything ? 80% of these are WOMEN wearing NEXT TO NOTHING. Over half the women have fake chests too (Not that I have any problems at all with them, but being slim with large breasts seems to get more attention…..And if people don’t know they are fake, then that opens up more expectations and big falls).

By the way, you have probably seen “bodyrock Tv” girl using less than enough clothes to get more attention.

READ this for more:

All these near-naked models…….Millions of followers?  Big surprise there.

Not. Sooooooo. Fast……..Here is Number 2 


You do realise that lots of stuff you see online are fake?

Check this article out……

Yeah, you can ACTUALLY “buy” fake “likes” on facebook, giving you “status”…..(When really, it means absolutely nothing) Some pretty insecure people around, I guess.

3.Fake Weights!

I actually could not believe this.

Go on.

Google it.

Fake weights dot com.

Get this….. You can actually buy light weights plates, for example 5kg, that say 20kg on them .

You’re lifting 60kg.….but it looks like 140kg.

To “impress” people.  For “fun” and “encouragement” (Says their site)

So when you see someone online doing something extraordinary (yet doesn’t actually compete in competitions – yet claims to have something of near-world record numbers – be wary!)

If someone says “I bench/squat/deadlift X kg”…… should say “cool, show me when we train next week….in person

4. Mobile Phone Apps

I have heard of people using a phone app called “beautify?”  Apparently it’s an app that takes “more flattering” pictures of you.

Yeah and I know – Every one I seem to see on facebook makes people look a bit “triangular” – and a bit less like themselves.


5. Slim-Me Apps


Bit weird this?!


So there you have it.

Just a few ways that you can bullshit your way to the top of peoples minds.

If you don’t actually see people in real life – it doesn’t matter anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!