Online Coaching

Maybe you want to work with John Cammish and it is not feasible for whatever reason…..(Cost, travel time, gym hours etc)

“Online training is a location independent and more affordable way to get the professional services of a fitness professional, designed for busy people who value their time”

Check the ProCoach video:

Having been a Precision Nutrition Coach since 2013 ,  John has worked with several hundred clients in-person at Your Next Level Fitness, and you now have the opportunity to work through the ProCoach Program with him by your side.

With ProCoach, you will get….

  • Daily lessons to build your knowledge.
  • Every second week you’ll get a new habit to put into practice.
  • Practice these new habits daily by actioning small tasks
  • Lessons & workshops are delivered in text, audio & video format.
  • Weekly progress checks
  • Every month you’ll upload photos as part of your progress tracking. ( Optional)
  • Guidance from your coach, John, on the ProCoach online programme.

We have split the Procoach Nutrition YEAR-LONG PROGRAM into 2 types of package – the first 2 options are for those who wish to use their own gym or home setup (for those training at home, I recommend checking THIS ARTICLE OUT)

Package 1 – Nutrition Coaching only

Ideal if you have your own workouts or gym classes you like to do. Only £40/month or £400/year (SAVE £80 upfront)  

Package 2 – Nutrition Coaching and Procoach Workouts (Training Program, with video demos ) Included

Ideal if you already have a gym membership elsewhere Only £50/month or £500/year  (SAVE £100 upfront)

The second set of options are for those that wish to also use Your Next Level Fitness Studio …..

Pay As You Go –  You can use one of the packages above and do separate pay as you go gym and classes (£4-7.50 per exercise session).

Package A Nutrition Coaching, Workouts, and Unlimited Open Gym Use at Your Next Level Fitness (Does not include group classes)

£80/month (SAVE £25/month )

Package B – Nutrition Coaching, Workouts, and unlimited Gym Use at Your Next Level Fitness plus 1 bootcamp a week (30min or 60min – you choose!)

£100/Month (SAVE £35/month)     <——–OUR MOST POPULAR PACKAGE

4.Package C – Nutrition Coaching, Workouts, and unlimited Gym Use at Your Next Level Fitness plus unlimited bootcamps a week (30min or 60min – you choose!)- £125/Month 

Save £70/Month

Interested? Click the pic

PS There are only 20 spaces available at the moment!