Month: August 2017

Charity Bootcamp – PAUL for Brain Recovery!

On August 5th,  Your Next Level Fitness aimed to raise some money and awareness for PAUL for Brain Recovery via a fun energetic Bootcamp class !

Here are some photos from the event …..


Fun was had by all!

We managed to Raise £362.50 for PAUL for Brain Recovery !

Click the logo to get involved.

Also Big thanks to fellow coaches at Your Next Level Fitness – Lee Wiles and Chris Golley for helping everyone get a good workout for a good cause!




8 Years of Bootcamp!

Its a big NOSTALGIC 6 weeks …..Mine and Wifes Birthdays….Our 5 years anniversary…..Bootcamps been going strong for 8 years……and in September I will have been self employed for 10 years!

So August 1st, 2009….what were we doing?

Well, here we have a collection of photos.  (These were taken at the 2nd and 3rd bootcamps – 8th and 15th August 2009)

It started off as Men only ……then many of my female personal training clients got involved……and then we moved the Hessle Rugby Club for 5 years.

In fact here’s a photo from another charity bootcamp we did in 2011! (Go the bottom of this article to attend the Charity Bootcamp Aug 5th 2016!)

We still have our outdoor class on a Saturday 8am – 9am……it’s good to get outside!  Especially if you work indoors 40 hours a week (or more)





In 8 years Bootcamp as gone through a few revolutions……we always

  • Use most efficient exercises for the time we have
  • Keep it fun and work hard
  • Have a smile on our face!

See you ON Saturday for Charity Bootcamp!  (You have to book on HERE —->