Mumbler loved bootcamp

If you are a mum – or know a mum……you will know how hard it is to keep some sort of fitness schedule.

Rachel of Hull and East Riding MUMBLER …………….
Came into our session having done:
– Some netball over the years
– A few other classes like bodypump, legs bums and tums etc
– Running
…….and fitted right in!
One of the main benefits our classes is that there is a Pay-As-You-Go option……some mums I know don’t make it to any exercise and that could be a reason they feel so tired.   Due to the fact that we use a lot of resistance training……….Women get stronger and life feels easier!
Here is MUMBLER in her own words!

Mumbler’s been to a Your Next Level Fitness Bootcamp!

I’ve been busy adding lots of fitness classes that are suitable for or aimed at mums into the Mumbler ‘Mums Fitness‘ section over the last few weeks, so I thought it was about time I actually went along to one and tried one for myself! My 6 year old shouting at me last week ‘mummy your bum wobbles when you walk!’ as he saw me get in the shower also had something to do with spurring me on.


Probably like a lot of you, I find that by the time I’ve looked after my 2 children all day, cooked the tea and tidied up the last thing on my mind is exercising. Fitting any exercise in around motherhood is a big task so all I usually do is (occasionally!) get out for a quick run when my husband gets in from work and the kids are having tea. Now the weather cold and its dark early this is now only an option on weekends.


John Cammish runs Your Next Level Fitness and he got in touch to invite me to go along and try one of his Bootcamps, so I decided to not make any excuses and just go along and do it! Your Next Level Fitness is on Livingstone Road, Hessle HU13 0EG, it’s the old San Luca restaurant building alongside the A63 just after Motor Depot so really easy to access. He runs Bootcamps at various times – early morning, mid morning, tea time and evenings on most days – so there were quite a few that I could make. What I liked about the classes for me (and other mums) is that you don’t need to commit to the same class each week, you can pick and choose which days you want and which weeks, and book them all on a handy app.


I chose his 9.30am Friday class for my trial, a perfect time for after the school and pre school run before going to work. John showed me how to use a few bits of gym equipment that we’d be using in the class then we all got going, a group of 8 of us. After a warm up, we paired up and rotated around 10 sets of exercises, done either using simple gym equipment or with free weights or on the floor. It was a complete body workout with exercises for all different muscles. It was completely different to my usual road run, this felt like I was toning up all different bits and I certainly felt sore the next day so knew it had worked!

John was really friendly and helpful and kept checking I was ok with the new exercises, he really knew his stuff and was giving everyone tips and encouragement.
Being in a group definitely helped me to push on and carry on when I was getting tired! The other ladies were in similar situations, popping to a class when they could around children, around jobs and shifts. One lady said she usually did a Saturday class but had a kids party that week so had moved to the Friday class, another was a nurse who picked different classes for each of her shift patterns. It was also not intimidating! When I’ve been to a gym in the past I see the weights/equipment section as something for the big blokes to use, I wouldn’t know how to do any of it and would have felt stupid trying. Here John showed us how simple some of the machines were but how effective the exercises we did on them were. It was very private, with just the 8 of us in the class there, so I didn’t feel self conscious at all.

I really enjoyed the hour and would recommend it to anyone wanting to fit in some effective, flexible fitness.

John runs group Bootcamps indoors at Your Next Level Fitness on –

  • Monday: 6-7am, 9.30-10.30am, 5.30-6.30pm, 6.30-7.30pm
  • Tuesday: 12-12.30pm, 6-6.30pm
  • Wednesday: 6-7am, 9.30-10.30am, 5.30-6.30pm, 6.30-7.30pm
  • Thursday: 12-12.30pm, 6-6.30pm
  • Friday: 6-7am, 9.30-10.30am, 5.30-6.30pm
  • Saturday: (Outdoor sessions at Hessle Rugby Club) 8am-9am, 9am-10am

Bootcamps are £7.50 for the hour or £4 for the half hour ones, which you can pay for a block of then select your days/times on the app (making a great present! I think a block of sessions will be on my birthday list). In addition to this John has other Personal Trainers using the gym to give 121s or groups sessions at a time best suited to you and the gym is also open daily outside of Bootcamp times to use (you can pay as you go to go in or take out a membership).

Classes are appointment only. For more info contact John Cammish on 07762772671 or  or check out their website here for more information.

Facebook page is 

If you want to follow in mumblers footsteps and try a free class  – then get in touch.
Here is a video if you prefer to see a typical class….
..…And HERE is where you can get hints and tips…as well as our Free Fat Loss Manual !!

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