A Different Type of Transformation!

I have been meaning to get round to this for a while! I have been busy helping people in Hessle feel better with exercise! (You can see our facebook info here! Where we also did our Mannequin gym challenge! )  Click to watch!


Our Hessle Gym ….. much like our clients transformations (CLICK)…………….had it’s own transforrmation.

San Luca Restaurant was a place of its own…..me and my wife had only recently found out about its quality when we had a Bootcamp Xmas meal out………Then the Tidal surge of December 2013 left it ……..

san luca old - photographer


Some old pics in the December 2014……….



Fast-Forward a couple of years…..and you get possibly the best set of Personal trainers in Hessle?

(This is IF you want to be part of a great community, Do both indoor and outdoor classes in Hessle, and be in a place that doesn’t have the usual annoying things of going to ‘another gym’)

  • funny-gym-equipment-hogger


It took a while to get everything set up……


The floor down….


The new toilets installed……….


SOME of the equipment we have got tested (!)…..

Kiera likes to play!

img_3934 img_3964 img_3967 lee-rack mirror

Heres the new pics of our Private studio – where the magic happens! (Click to Enlarge)

Your next level fitness hull gym main


in order to succeed - first believe we can

4 amigos remember when you procrastinate some people want it to happen - others make it happen


Here is a true “Before and After” for Your Next Level Fitness!   2 years ago —>  1 year ago —> NOW!


Have you seen what a Your Next Level Group sessions looks like?   Day after Boxing Day last year we got several bootcampers to come and be filmed!  (A big thank you to all of you for helping out !)   CLICK TO WATCH THE ACTION !




It’s nearly January………and it’s time to get moving again (if you haven’t already!)

Last January actually had some fully booked up classes………….so make sure you get in on the action!

Get in touch via:

Email – john@yournextlevelfitness.co.uk

facebook – http://www.facebook.com/yournextlevelfitness



PS  XMAS GIFT VOUCHERS for family and friends available  too…..