WHY We Are Called YOUR Next Level

What’s in a name ……?!

name - whats in aYou may think nothing of it……..but I had to think long and hard about ours.

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Let me tell you the story behind it….

When I did my degree in Sport and Exercise Science (way back in 2001!) ……………….. I had visions of training pro athletes, breaking records and improving VO2 Max.

(After all………….that’s what we did at Uni! )


A Reality Check

In 2005/2006……I started working with ‘everyday’ people…….people who want to:

  • Look better
  • Feel better
  • Get fitter

….and it dawned on me.  ……..That ‘everyday people’ often have a lot more going on than the Pro’s!

  • They have to juggle A TON of stuff! (Another job / a family )
  • They don’t have access to the best coaches / equipment / information / environment
  • They don’t have much spare time!

As I began to get good results as a personal trainer at the Village Gym in Hessle, Hull, I found that People:

  • Usually had only 2-4 hours to exercise
  • Needed simplicity with their training
  • Wanted it to be fun yet challenging 

I would also say that, because they tended to sit down at a desk and/or commute all day……They should not be sat down on some machine!


Hey! I didn't get this body on this machine but I will still model it!
Hey! I didn’t get this body on this machine but I will still get paid to model it!

 Once I got thinking of some names……it was obvious that I had clients that were at different levels………

……but they were all enjoying the training and the benefits that came with it!  This is why we are YOUR Next Level Fitness…….

Because it doesn’t matter if you are level 1 or level 21………we can help you get to Level 2 or 22!

Our original home was Hessle Rugby Club  and we grew our Group sessions and 1-on-1 sessions, while training the Rugby team….and then

We opened our new training base 2016 and things got even better…… (click to watch Video )


The original question was “What’s in a Name?”

 Now the REAL question is…

What is YOUR name? ….And when do you want to come and look around? 😉

Go to the CONTACT Page, input your name and what you want to change, and when you want to get started !