Fitting It in


It’s been a crazy few weeks!

We had Baby Isla in Late June, and her and Kiera (nearly 2 now!) are getting on well……………..



and like anyone who’s had a newborn baby ………………’s been

  • Chaos!
  •  A Lack of Sleep!
  • Juggling meals and bathtime
  • Messy!

nappy dirty guess




What it’s affected………

Any parent will know that sleep is the first thing that suffers.  This can affect work, training, eating etc……..I did find the first 2 weeks a lot tougher to get training hard, because you’re energy is low.  Best thing I have found to do in times like this is do something light, and something you enjoy.   Also, do a little every day.

Some days, this was as simple as hitting some press ups, and then going for a walk, or even kicking a football about (I miss my football!)


This past week, we went for a family session – Jen needs to ease in, so she did some rowing – while me and Kiera joined me in my Bear crawl warm up!



kiera me bear crawl2


kiera me bear crawl


kiera me bear crawl3 jen


Questions to ask Yourself

  • What’s tough for you right now?
  • Can you make some tweaks to do a little better……..a few more minutes training / starting training at all (!) /
  • Can you be preparing and planning food better……do a shopping list = LOOK AHEAD!
  • Can you do just a little better than last week?  It’s not about perfection – as perfection does not exist! 


Have a good week,




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