Coffee? No Coffee?! No Way!

You might not know this.

My last coffee was on Tuesday 17th Lent……and I think I WAS slightly addicted!

coffee make me some


Now, In MY mind, I didn’t even drink a lot……(2-4 cups per day). Bear in mind I know people that have confessed to 10-12 cups a day…….nearly every day!

So LENT came around. And I sometimes do some sort of challenge – like HERE.



50 pull 100 press


 What did I learn – and what will I do?!

  • I did get some headaches for the first 2 days…… clearly, SOMETHING was happening, even with a low limit of 2-4 cups a day
  • It DID get easier!  (But the first week was harsh)
  • I do think I have slept a little  ‘better’  (not more, or less, just ‘better’)
  • I will be adding coffee back in, but I will be having some ‘off’ days, and thinking of having 1 pre-training and maybe one early afternoon before 3pm


In fact it got so easy that I waited an extra day to have my first ‘cuppa joe!’

coffee mine




Hope this has helped you experiment!





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