Lindsay Loses Baby Weight and More!

Lindsay contacted me last year about our group training (bootcamp) and has really come on losing some weight and getting stronger and fitter with the process.

Here are her words!


My Success Story

After having my 2nd baby in January last year (2014) I made myself a promise that I would lose my baby weight and get back into my jeans.  I wanted to get fit again, be happy about how I looked and have more energy.

My goal when I first started in April was to lose the weight and get back to what size I was before my pregnancy.   I had put on 3 stone while pregnant and thanks to John with his help and guidance with training and diet …………I did it! 🙂

I’ve always been self-conscious and my worst nightmare would be walking into a place full of mega muscly people, being shouted at by some drill sergeant and feeling worse about myself!  John’s boot camps are not like this at all.  John is really encouraging without be pushy, patient and actually listens to you about what you want to achieve.  He is always there to answer any questions you have about diet, exercises etc.  Everybody that goes is really friendly and also encourages you which is a great help and make’s a fab atmosphere to train in.

I reached my last goal, so my next one is to get leaner and more toned.  And I know that Johns the one to help me achieve it.

Definitely recommend ! 🙂

Lindsay Kelly , 31



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