Month: December 2014

Best Bits of 2014! Your Next Level Fitness and More!

2014 started pretty badly with our gym flooded from the Tidal Surge of December 2013…………

flood x 3 pics



.………But we still made 2014 a great year!

Here are the best bits from Your Next Level Fitness – ranked in the most popular :

By far and away we had 2 most popular and they were 2 success stories………Ben and Dowsy:


Fat Boy Slimmer!

ben fairburn marathon 2014

Ben was in bad shape, and has basically turned the clock back and now a top runner. Just click here to get inspired!


Strength Makes You Feel Good!


dowsy crop1

Dowsy didn’t want to lose weight – he wanted to get stronger……..back to his best strength levels. Read his story by clicking HERE.


We did another obstacle race! This year it was 12k…………. click the pic 

total warrior2014b



What Learning From Monopoly Has To Do With You (Click)

monopolyBoard uk


This post from just after Xmas highlighted how I won at Monopoly……..and MORE IMPORTANTLY ……… losing fat and looking better use straegies to help you succeed.



The “In-Shape” Formula (Click)

prowler girl

Check out the formula HERE!



This Facebook Post was seen alot……………

WHOA!!! Prepare to think of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are part of this page – You’re probably better than most people are.

Answer me these 3 questions and read click this link…

– Do you train a little?
– Do you train a lot?
– Do you just walk for more than 10 minutes per day?



This post about people with unhappy traits ………………….CLICK THE PHOTO!

22 habits unhappy people




As we go into a new year, it’s a time to reflect and make some key decisions.

I know we should always be trying to make good decisions anyway……..but here is a time to start afresh and set some habits up so you can look, feel and perform your best!

You know where we are if you need help 🙂



Strength Makes You Feel Good!

 Dowsy is a popular player down at Hessle RUFC.
dowsy crop1
He’s been captain, inspired many – and He recently asked me if I could help inspire him to get to the strength levels he had before.
Read his story below!


I have played rugby for a number of years and after a recent injury I payed John a visit. I have known John for a number of years as he has been associated with the Rugby club , fulfilling roles such as the club Personal Trainer.

I asked John what I could do to keep myself active as I could not play rugby because of my injury.
He asked me questions such as “What do I want to achieve”, “what are my goals”.
question_mark glowing

After taking a few minutes to think about this. I explained to John that I am going to the gym and working hard 5 times per week, but I wasn’t really seeing any results and I felt weak when lifting weights.

John asked me what I was doing at the Gym I explained that I was doing best lift.

Please see below.
Monday -chest. Flat bench press
Warm up
-2/3 of maximum weight 10 reps.
Maximum weight 2 reps
3rd and 4th set 3/4 maximum weight 6-8 reps
(Then repeated on incline and decline bench press)
Followed by a burn out set using light weights which are lifted until you can not lift any more.
John explain that I was not seeing the results I wanted because I was fatiguing my muscles every day and not giving them time to rest and recuperate. He then developed a strengthening plan for me.

John then went on to explain about making sure my vertical pushing and pulling was balanced with horizontal pushing and pulling . He also said I should be doing just 5 reps at a time.

I then started this on the Monday.
I found this hard. But….
 hard work never killed anyone


I went back to John to tell him this.

I showed John what I was doing.
He showed me a technique that instead of moving the weights up and down I should find a steady weight  that I could do 5 sets of 5 reps with. An example of how I started this is:
Bench press (horizontal push)
5×5 reps 82.5kg
dows start



When I did achieve this – the next time I then did chest (this was 4 days later)
I then increased the weight by 2.5kg. In between each set I added the pull exercise (pull-ups).
But because I couldn’t complete the full 5×5 rep set I made sure that I was doing 25 reps in total.

2 sets of 3 reps
8 sets of 2 reps
3 sets of 1 rep.



The Results?
I have stuck at it and after 6 weeks I have bench pressed 5×5 reps of 112.5kg. I was more impressed with my first set of 5 reps and pull ups. I plan to continue and hope to get a personal best lift of one rep of 132.5kg. I am also hoping to start using weights on a belt for my pull ups. I will post again my progress.

Dowsy’s Benching this for 3 reps………
Dows 6 wks
I would like to thank John for re-lighting my motivation of working out again and showing me it’s not amount the quantity it is about the quality.
Andy Dows

Dowsy has done really well the past several weeks….and the improvement can be seen by many.

It wasn’t that Dowsy wasn’t working hard before – it’s just that it wasn’t focussed on strength ……..or improving. It was focussed on pain, “the burn” and how pumped he felt afterwards.
Dowsy is reaping the benefits and I hope you all get something from reading about his progress here !
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