Fat Boy Slimmer!

Let’s get one thing straight about Bootcamper Ben.

ben fairburn marathon 2014

Ben LOVES to Run.

And that’s not all.


Ben used to weigh 23 stone back in 2010………..and now is around 15 stone! Ben joined our bootcamp primarily to gain a bit more strength and a push for his ‘tough mudder and total warrior obstacle course Prep that we did first in 2013  – and Ben did the 10miler for more of a challenge 😉

That photo above is of him completing his first marathon (I am sure it won’t be his last !)

Ben has lost the excess weight and sky rocketed his fitness through a sheer ‘get up and do it’ attitude, swapping the high calorie junk food and cigarettes for running several times per week.   He sometime even runs to bootcamp……and back!


He often recalls being only be able to run to the top of his street in the beginning, and each day went a bit further, then a bit further…..until he’s a really good runner.


Here is his story so far in pictures.

CLICK TO SEE LARGER PIC……! (Really good info!)

ben fairburn 2010-2014

Ben is a shining example of what can be done if you put your mind to something.

Well done Ben!


I hope this inspired many of you to train and not let anything stop you being your best 🙂