Are YOU Guilty Of THIS?

Are YOU Overcomplicating things?



Often, I get asked all sorts of questions……………

– “What do you think of Raspberry Ketones?”

– “What is best? – weights or cardio? “

– ” I saw a person doing this in a park near me – is it a plank?”

plank bad


It can be a minefield, simply because you COULD go into every question thoroughly ……….but really?  The answer’s can be quite simple.  It’s simply more effective to focus on some of the basic things you probably ARE NOT DOING……..before you even think about some topics.


Some examples you could do more often than not:

– Get sweaty
– Eat a little less junk
– Lift something heavy
– Eat a little more protein and vegetables
– Get out of breath
– Eat slowly
– Feel a burn in the muscle
– Sleep 8 hours


This Photo is all you need!


coincidence or not


Do the basics – and you will get 80-90%  of the results you want.




PS  Just to be clear – the answers to the above questions are:

-Research is weak (So I don’t endorse it)

– Both

– No! (Do a plank – like any other exercise properly!)