We did it Again! A Challenge!


You maybe know that last year us guys from Your Next Level Fitness Bootcamp took on the Total Warrior Obstacle course – and raised £1200+ for Teenage Cancer Trust…(Click here to see last years VIDEO!)

Challenges tell you a bit about yourself

This could not be said better than a quote before ‘The Traverse’ Obstacle.


twarrior14 emerson quote


When a challenge is asked of you, you can Say:

– “No”


– “Yes”


When you choose “No” – You don’t really gain much.


When you choose “Yes”, You LEARN so much more about yourself  – even if you think you fail.

Right now, choose a number of press ups you think you can do. Then do it.  Did you get close?

Either way, you are better than before.

If you said 5 and you did 10 – well done – you can do 10 press ups…….


If you said 10 and you did 5 – well done, you can do 5 press ups………….maybe next time you can do 6 or 7!

If you couldn’t do 1…………maybe that’s a wake up call?!




Also, If you want  to watch me jumping over some flames and into a pool of muddy water……….then CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT! (Blink and you’ll miss me! – 3 seconds in or so!)

total warrior2014 human bbq jump vid



I was particularly pleased with a few other things…..

  • Bootcamper Ben finished first in the muddiest wave (last wave!) – Even more astounding is that 3-4 years ago Ben was unfit, inactive and heavier – and now is a running machine!
  • Bootcampers Dave and Emma raised over £300 for Hull Animal Welfare Trust
  • Bootcamper Emma did the obstacle course for the first time – and had only started running a few months before!
  • All Bootcampers (with the exception of Ben!!) tend to not do much running……..or spend more than about 3-4 hours a week training.  So this was a push for EVERYONE involved, and shows the attitude that I try to breed at Your Next Level Fitness Sessions.

 ynlf2 border50 percent

Hopefully this inspired you or a friend to challenge yourself – be it an obstacle race, a fun run, or a set of press ups!



PS Here are some photo’s from the day out….

total warrior2014c

total warrior2014b


total warrior2014d

total warrior2014e


total warrior2014f


total warrior2014g





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