Your Next Level Fitness Bootcamp Birthday! (5 years)


Today (June 9th 2014) – My Bootcamp group training sessions have been going for 5 years!

Dumbell Weight Cake

The Beginning

I first started training people One-on-One at the village gym in hessle back in 2006 – and for my own business in 2007.  I was seeing great results with my clients from basically ignoring what the majority of personal trainers were doing – basically plonking someone on a bit of cardio equipment for 10 minutes, then another cardio exercise for another 10 minutes………….I just couldn’t see what people were paying for!!!!

personal trainer woman on treadmill red cross

What I found particularly interesting – was that people were not losing as much as they’d hoped………but their body shape was changing a lot. These are not people I have worked with…..but I know the feeling when clients KNOW when they have lost fat yet the scales display a small decrease etc. Check out these 2 examples:

weight the same 1 weight the same heavier 2

I find it particularly interesting – because when we grow older, you actually worry if you lose weight quickly………..yet people are obsessed with weight readings.

Check this out to learn more why I don’t like BMI or use weight too much —>


My Experiment on Myself

I was always reading about getting better at training people……and I still am! ( Things are always changing – there is no best program, or best exercise…..remember that!)

I came across a few trainers overseas that were using sleds, and carrying things……….like rocks, dumbells, and beer kegs… I had a mates dad make a sled, and another mate gave me an old beer keg with ‘gone-off’ guinesss inside!!


I did a few weeks using these tools – and found my strength and fitness increasing – and it was quite fun!


The first class

The first class we did was on pickering park………….6 men, and we simply did some big movements that I practically always recommend:

  • squats
  • deadlifts
  • presses
  • press ups
  • chin ups


…..along with some sled dragging and keg carrying……….made for an awesome workout!  Everyone said they couldn’t believe how demanding it was – even though we weren’t strictly doing “cardio.”

Think we had the time of day wrong though- as it was 12 lunchtime and was pretty hot!


How it Evolved

I started using the same methods with women, and ended up programming the classes so we could have mixed classes, – 8am and 9am – and they became a bit more popular.


Results were coming for many members – including Vicky – who lost about 5 dress sizes, and her strength really shot up too.


vicky before and after 1yr

The Move!

We moved to Hessle Rugby Club, after helping the Chairman lose around 4 stone with a good food plan that focussed on cutting out addictive foods, and plenty of flexibility too.

This also allowed there to be some indoor bootcamps – where we could focus on strength a little more, and also avoid some of the bad weather.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VID of the gym taking shape!

your next level fitness birth vid


More results….

Bootcampers Becky and Tony made great changes………check out Beckys story by CLICKING HERE!

becky side before and after


Becky is training a lot more for endurance at the moment – and achieves loads as she has a busy family and work life too!

Tony went and lost a load of weight  (nearly 10 stone!)

CLICK HERE to read all about it!

tony 2010 - 2012




The toughest time

The past year has been tough – all of the Hessle rugby club was flooded with the tidal surge on December 2013.

flood x 3 pics


This put some Bootcamp plans on hold for a bit – but we changed times and location and still made sure that people got their metabolism boosting training sessions 


The Future?!……………..

question_mark glowing

Clients are consistently training hard – and seeing some great results.

We have people of all ages and abilities improving  themselves.

I am always trying to help people with my training – and my free tips from my


  • …………Here’s to another 5 years of being the one of the best and unique Bootcamps in Hull!