Fat Blast in 30 Mins


Just wanted to let you know of the Tuesday morning 30 minute fat blasting class – it started yesterday.


equipment not much

We used very little equipment – but WE DID A TON OF WORK.  I think we actually got 80-90% of the benefits that we get in our hourly class……..IN HALF THE TIME. (Click to see the results we get with our clients).

Right now – its just 1 class –  TUESDAYS 9.30am at PICKERING PARK.

Already got a new person booked on after I shared it on Facebook last night.

You want to try it out?  Would be a great time to start as is just 30 minutes. Free trial if you’re new, and £4 then on.

If you are used to training hard – Don’t think think that this session won’t push you hard either!

tough times dont last

Email me here —> john@yournextlevelfitness.co.uk