What Learning From Monopoly Has To Do With You

Over the Xmas period I had a lot of fun………..Namely Kiera’s first Xmas, drinks with friends and ……..Monopoly.



monopolyBoard uk


You probably can relate a lot to a kids Christmas and also drinking with friends……..  But Monopoly?

Well, here’s what I learned. 


1. If you want to win at Monopoly ……..you HAVE to invest.  

An hour in and all you have is 1 station and a get out of jail card?  You might as well put Breaking Bad on while the others finish!

breaking bad boxset


In Life…..You HAVE to INVEST YOUR TIME into something.

Some people say they ‘don’t have time’ – yet can watch 1-4 hours (or more) of TV a day.  (CLICK to see if TV can make you FAT)


2. If you want to win at Monopoly – you need to have a plan.

Whether it is to own mayfair and park lane or all the reds, yellows, greens etc – if you just randomly invest – you probably won’t get far.  The player with the plan (and a contingency plan) will always do better – this is fact!  I won some games by the way ! 😉


In Life….. you know the maxim….

“If you FAIL to PLAN……….you PLAN to FAIL.


3. If you want to win at Monopoly – you need to have some luck! (But know bad luck will happen!)

We’ve all been there.

Landed on Jail early, landed on the property your mate has a hotel on, or need to spend 1200 big ones on a building repairs on a Community chest card.


Ideally, you have a safety net of cash or you have bought wisely (and someone else will be paying you 1000 in monopoly money very soon)


In Life….. bad luck will happen!  So when it comes  – you need to be prepared.  In fact, I believe that you put yourself at varying degrees of risk of good or bad luck – depending on the choices you make!  Bad luck will come – but if you make the right choices – you should get more good then bad.

(Not usually as extreme a choice as this….)

choc cake vs broc

Like Monopoly – you need to have a contingency plan for when things go slightly wrong.

Some examples…..

  • You have made sound investments with your time.  (For example, the bad luck is that you can’t train at a gym for a month………the good being that you are already in decent shape because you hardly missed any training sessions in the last 3 months (instead of investing your time in coronation street.)
  • You have several parties coming up this month………….but you have your freezer stocked full of meat and fish, you have eggs and vegetables and any beans, nuts, fruit etc you might want all week…….and you have your next shopping trip planned.

SO here’s a brief run down

  • Invest your TIME wisely
  • Have a PLAN that can change slightly if needed
  • Bad luck will happen sometime – you just need to plan for the unexpected with some hard work FIRST.


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