Month: January 2014

Fat Blast in 30 Mins


Just wanted to let you know of the Tuesday morning 30 minute fat blasting class – it started yesterday.


equipment not much

We used very little equipment – but WE DID A TON OF WORK.  I think we actually got 80-90% of the benefits that we get in our hourly class……..IN HALF THE TIME. (Click to see the results we get with our clients).

Right now – its just 1 class –  TUESDAYS 9.30am at PICKERING PARK.

Already got a new person booked on after I shared it on Facebook last night.

You want to try it out?  Would be a great time to start as is just 30 minutes. Free trial if you’re new, and £4 then on.

If you are used to training hard – Don’t think think that this session won’t push you hard either!

tough times dont last

Email me here —>



Top 10 Tips For Busy Professionals – Look Great Feel Great in 2015!

January is a busy time for many:

  • New Years Resolutions
  • Brand New Start
  • Burn Off the Holiday Excess


weight gain snowman


As a busy professional – you probably have a little more on your plate than most:

  • Looking at targets for the year ahead
  • Plenty of the usual meetings
  • Tax DEADLINE of January 31st!

tax return


How DO you cope with all this going on…..and still try to look and feel great?

Here are my Top 10 Tips so you look and feel great this January.


1. What’s the goal?  Name it.

Pick up an A4 sheet of paper……..write down the goal, and write the bare bones of a plan.  You will look at this every night and morning to ensure you stay on track. The rest of the plan is laid out bullet points 2 through 10……

2. Food.

You probably know what to do.  You’ve read about all the ‘sciencey’ plans……Low carb, low fat, or more extreme like soup diets and liquid shakes.

Ditch them all.

The 2 biggest culprits are sugar……and sugar!


So simple to attack?  Ditch the sugar!

No chocolate for January.  No fizzy drinks or fruit juices. No sugar in tea and coffee.    It sounds harsh but ditch this and you can enjoy your food a lot more without thinking “Is this apple a good or bad choice?”


In reality…….fruit is going to have some sugar – along with a ton of nutrients and your body will thank you in the long run.


3. If you KNOW that certain foods make you feel bloated…eliminate them too!

Usual suspects are (after sugar) Wheat, Gluten and Dairy.

wheat dairy

So pack a tupperware box with massive handfuls of salad plus some quality protein like chicken, leftover turkey(!), beef, ham or fish like salmon tuna mackeral prawns etc.


4. Get your sleep!

You thought you’d hear about exercise first right?

Well, You as a busy professional have a lot going on inside that overworked brain of yours.

brain on a bike


You need your sleep more than you think.

Making sure you get 8-9 hours quality sleep will ensure YOU:

  • Keep hunger levels at bay and not crave junk food (appetite hormones will be normal)
  • Are less stressed and don’t have too much cortisol (stress hormone) that has been correlated with excess belly fat
  •  Are thinking strategically how to make your business work better for you


5. Get organised.

If you aren’t already using a planner – be it paper or on your phone or PDA……you NEED TO SCHEDULE EVERYTHING.


6.Following on from that last …

Exercise   …….First off – make time for it. The best program done twice a month is worse than a half-decent program done 90% of the time.

Look ahead at the month and see what works best.

Is it 6.15am?  If so, you might like the Early Morning Classes on at Your Next Level Fitness

Do evenings work better?

Or is it a mix that works best for you?

Either way – look ahead and schedule it.

Training more often is better than infrequently

Those 2 hours of either pumping light weights endlessly or doing a 10-15k on the treadmill are long gone.

Aim for 3-5 times a week…..with a total of around 4-5 hours.  So that’s:

  • 3 x 1 hour
  • 4 x 45mins
  • 5 x 30-35mins

I personally like the 4 x 45 minutes, but whichever suits your schedule is best.


7. Make sure you LIFT with the BIG exercises

Lifting weights is one of the best things you can do for your metabolism.  Trying to Master these Exercises will have you seeing results in no time

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Press ups
  • Chin ups
  • Overhead pressing
  • Single Arm rows


……and will save you time compared to that boring hamster wheel.

hamster wheel

8. Change up your cardio

If you want to change your body – you are going to have to change your programming… do something different!

If you have been running 10k’s…….try some faster-paced interval training.

If all you have been doing is intervals – try some steady-state longer cardio.

If you are bored of all the rowing, treadmills and cross trainers………………Look at some Bootcamps like Your Next Level Fitness that use things such as Heavy Carrying and prowler pushing:

prowler black


9. Outsource what makes you stressed!

I outsource my finance work to 360 Accountants because it gives me more time to do what I do best – Help my clients with their strategies to look and feel better.

If you find yourself thinking:

“What food should I eat – or what should I not eat?”

“what exercises should I do?”

which weight?


Then you might like to outsource your training  and eating habits to Your Next Level Fitness.

10.  Enjoy the process.  Make it fun. Challenge your friend to join you in this plan.

You don’t even have to be a similar fitness level.

You help them turn up.

They help you show up.

That is one of the reasons behind the group training success of Your Next Level Clients.

your next level fitness bootcamp transformation ynlf



I hope you found this helpful!  If you need help outsourcing your training and eating habits…..then contact John Cammish at

If you need help outsourcing your financial headaches – then contact Andy Steele –>


What Learning From Monopoly Has To Do With You

Over the Xmas period I had a lot of fun………..Namely Kiera’s first Xmas, drinks with friends and ……..Monopoly.



monopolyBoard uk


You probably can relate a lot to a kids Christmas and also drinking with friends……..  But Monopoly?

Well, here’s what I learned. 


1. If you want to win at Monopoly …… HAVE to invest.  

An hour in and all you have is 1 station and a get out of jail card?  You might as well put Breaking Bad on while the others finish!

breaking bad boxset


In Life…..You HAVE to INVEST YOUR TIME into something.

Some people say they ‘don’t have time’ – yet can watch 1-4 hours (or more) of TV a day.  (CLICK to see if TV can make you FAT)


2. If you want to win at Monopoly – you need to have a plan.

Whether it is to own mayfair and park lane or all the reds, yellows, greens etc – if you just randomly invest – you probably won’t get far.  The player with the plan (and a contingency plan) will always do better – this is fact!  I won some games by the way ! 😉


In Life….. you know the maxim….

“If you FAIL to PLAN……….you PLAN to FAIL.


3. If you want to win at Monopoly – you need to have some luck! (But know bad luck will happen!)

We’ve all been there.

Landed on Jail early, landed on the property your mate has a hotel on, or need to spend 1200 big ones on a building repairs on a Community chest card.


Ideally, you have a safety net of cash or you have bought wisely (and someone else will be paying you 1000 in monopoly money very soon)


In Life….. bad luck will happen!  So when it comes  – you need to be prepared.  In fact, I believe that you put yourself at varying degrees of risk of good or bad luck – depending on the choices you make!  Bad luck will come – but if you make the right choices – you should get more good then bad.

(Not usually as extreme a choice as this….)

choc cake vs broc

Like Monopoly – you need to have a contingency plan for when things go slightly wrong.

Some examples…..

  • You have made sound investments with your time.  (For example, the bad luck is that you can’t train at a gym for a month………the good being that you are already in decent shape because you hardly missed any training sessions in the last 3 months (instead of investing your time in coronation street.)
  • You have several parties coming up this month………….but you have your freezer stocked full of meat and fish, you have eggs and vegetables and any beans, nuts, fruit etc you might want all week…….and you have your next shopping trip planned.

SO here’s a brief run down

  • Invest your TIME wisely
  • Have a PLAN that can change slightly if needed
  • Bad luck will happen sometime – you just need to plan for the unexpected with some hard work FIRST.


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