Thank You…And 2013 Best Bits!


It’s 2014………..and I just KNOW you are itching to make the BEST start to 2014, be it in your

  • Family life
  • Work life or just
  • Feeling better in general!

feel good dog


If you are on my site – you are probably looking to…….

  • Drop a Dress Size or jean size

  • Feel Sexier in your clothes

  • Firm up

  • Be fitter

  • Maintain that great feeling that comes with training

If you set your goals and make a plan to achieve them = you will have more chance of getting what you want.

goals - missing piece

Before we look forward – we must look back and evaluate…..


Here are both YOUR BEST BITS as well as my best bits of 2013.


My Favourite moments….


In September I became a father for the first time.  As any Dad knows – it’s such an overwhelming experience, and those first weeks are pretty sleep+life-destroying. In fact, these pictures sum it up nicely……

sleep deprived

poo surprise baby


Needless to say, things are a lot lot better now…………….and here is my baby girl 🙂

Officially my favourite photo so far…………..

 IMG_0501 cr




I could obviously post about 50 pictures of Kiera here but I will refrain for your sanity.


And now for YOUR BEST Bits…….!


Your Favourite Moments……

I looked at the most popular ‘clicks’ and ‘likes’ ……….and here are your favourite moments……….

1. A Happier Becky!

In January – Becky posted her story…CLICK HERE or CLICK THE PIC to read.

becky side before and after


Becky is a trooper, coming on absolutely loads, and also took part in another favourite moment of 2013….


2. Your Next Level Fitness at Total Warrior 2013

total warrior group photo after - ben


THIS POST (to read….CLICK HERE) … run down of what some of Your Next Level Fitness Bootcampers did last summer!!!


3.  I was officially “As Seen on TV” helping someone with ‘man of the moment’ Jessie Pavelka!

jessie pavelka 2



I actually did the training with Leanne in 2012………….but the project came to your screens on SKY LIVING in September 2013.

CLICK HERE to read more about it, plus some advice I share helping ANYONE trying to lose some weight and make it a long-term habit.



4. My Thoughts on the Insanity Workout DVD


Simply CLICK HERE to READ the reasons WHY I don’t think it’s all that great……



5. Scott Gets A Warrior Mindset

Scott initially joined bootcamp to lose some fat – and generally look and feel better for his wedding.  After he lost a bit of fat, gained some healthy sexy muscle – he wanted another challenge.  His words are an inspiration……..simply because training is not all about looks, losing weight etc etc……’s about how training makes you feel and the buzz you can get.


 scott warrior


6. BONUS Best Bit of 2013!

If you watched ‘Educating Yorkshire’ ….. You’ ll know what I think of when I hear it mentioned?………………“You Cheeky Bitch”!”

educating yorkshire you cheeky bitch


Anyway – the standout moment goes to Musharaf who with the help of a greta teacher – conquered his speaking struggles:

CLICK THE PIC! – At the time this made my eyes water…………

educating yorkshire mush



2013 finished with some horrendous events that literally wiped out December for me and my close family.  While this was both painful and exceptionally inconvenient –  I was greeted by so many well wishers, other trainers  – and offers from my bootcampers and PT clients to help out.  Thankfully, while it caused massive disruption to training……….damage was less than expected and training will resume soon.  (I will my clients know soon – as I think the gym will not be ready for the 6th of January – but I am trying to sort a temporary venue)


I am so thankful for all of you involved in Your Next Level Fitness.

All of you make it what it is…….. a supportive environment with the camaraderie that makes it easier for us all to go that little bit further, push that little bit harder, enjoy it that little bit more.  So many people talk to me about the successful body transformations I help contribute to…….but what I find beyond amazing, is the fact that I feel almost like I have a massive extended family!   

So, thank you for being part of a group that we all have made a joy to be a part of….and Happy New Year….and have a great start to 2014!!

happy new year ynlf