Trust Me – I’m A Doctor

This TV show was on last week – and I am looking forward to this weeks episode.



If you missed last weeks – you can catch it on Iplayer by clicking the pic below:

It looked at the following:

 Can you be fat and fit?

Could you improve your health by staying in bed longer?

Should we all be taking an Aspirin pill to help us live longer? 




Fat and Fit

First off, they looked at people’s

  • BMI
  • Body fat %
  • Aerobic fitness


It was good that they showed that BMI can be misleading – but still, I think they could have done a waist circumference example……….simple becuase many of you at home will want a practical tool you can use, and don’t have access to body fat scales (which can be wildly error prone too) or a treadmill with gas exchange system!

treadmill gas system



2. I love the idea of being in bed longer!

Unfortunately – this girl makes it harder at the moment!




I do know the research is quite clear and I know myself that I am not as ‘on it’ if I am extremely tired.

Last night Baby Kiera stayed at Nanas for the first time – sleep city for 1 night! Kiera is getting better as time goes on – and it hasn’t even been 4 weeks yet! How time flies.


3. They said about the 2 Litre water myth.

water overflow

I disagreed with this.  I think that water HAS A TON OF BENEFITS, like

  • weight loss
  • appetite suppressing
  • lubricates joints
  • feel fresher

That’s not even a comprehensive list!  I know that when I drink more water – I feel more alert, and better all-round.

Check this funny picture out:

water is deadly


4. Aspirin

Should we take aspirin as a precation? (The risk of stomach bleeding as the counter argument)

I’m not your doctor and won’t commment on a specific situation – but I wouldn’t like to take anything that has side effects. Talk to your GP if in doubt.




Check out this weeks episode Thursday 8pm BBC2.