Have you noticed?

People FOLLOW people.

Just look at Twitter……


And Facebook.

(In fact I just put a status on my facebook page the other day about companies are able to ‘buy LIKES’ ….so that they look more popular to YOU….the consumer….and I think it’s plain wrong, companies will still do it.  My advice is to ignore lots of likes – and ask your REAL friends about the product or company etc  )





I sometimes see patterns with my large group training sessions.


One person is brave enough to try and make a change – and try it!

They come and try our Bootcamp sessions…..they are brave as they come on their own. Then, their friends come when they hear about it!

Sometimes you just have to be the LEADER.


Also, sometimes a person will try a harder variation of an exercise  ( like a  press up, or use a heavier weight)

They succeed!





Then someone thinks  ” I’ll have a go”

 Sometimes you’ve just got to get a  little fearful, and have a go. You probably won’t be perfect – like hitting X number of reps………..but if you lift it once or twice then you have made an improvement to YOU.


Be the LEADER.


In fact – have you seen the advert with the Fosbury Flop?


fosbury flop advert



Sometime….. YOU have to be the LEADER.






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