Month: September 2013

Hacking sleep: Engineering A High Quality, Restful night



Apologies for lack of communication – been busy looking after this little girl!



Anyway, I didn’t want to leave you in the lurch and so here is a link to a website I totally trust – Precision Nutrition

The last week or so I have had next to no sleep – and suffered!  I am getting more used to it – and preparing to get to bed earlier etc – so here is an article for you to read if you want to get some more of those important Zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s…………..!


Hacking sleep: Engineering a high quality, restful night (Click!)







New Baby (Pics) and Old (still relevant) News

I’ve had a pretty tough week……….but nothing compared to my wife!

Baby Kiera Lilly (or Lily – still haven’t decided 1 or 2 L’s) Cammish was born!





Mummy and Baby finally came home yesterday!





Nana and Grandad Cammish…..



We are really happy. Just adjusting to everything and hopefully everything will work out 🙂


And now some old….but still very relevant news!


100 days left of this year!!!


So there’s about 100 days until the end of the year.

There’s nothing more to say than I said in this older post I wrote 2 years ago (and is still very useful today!) :





Why not get a head start? In 100 days,  there will be all your friends gearing up for some new fad diet or rip-off shake that is ‘the new thing’………and then they will start  P***ing  and moaning about how it didn’t work .

Why not get a headstart 😉





PS  There’s a lot of rip-off shakes going around – want my opinion? Then email me and I will tell you my thoughts.


Your Next Level Fitness TV Trainer Gives Advice

Last week I mentioned that I helped Jessie Pavelka out on the popular TV Programme “Fat – The Fight Of My Life”


fat the fight of my life jessie and leanne

In 8 months, Leanne lost 6 stone 5lbs………..but it was much more than ‘just about weight loss’.………….she:

  • Stopped a marriage she was unhappy in (and is much happier for it)
  • Broke the cycle of her day (which used to be very much sleeping and eating)
  • Gained confidence and a more of a ‘calmness’ to her kids that she didn’t have before

The Hull Daily Mail picked up on it today – you can read about it by CLICKING HERE. (Opens in a new window)

This week I want to highlight some of the things we did – so that you can take some tips and put them into action.

1. Do what you CAN do.

In Leanne’s episode, in the beginning, she was uncomfortable on a bike, and the rower hurt her back. We used the prowler, and walking hills to make a dent in her energy expenditure. If you are very overweight, do what you CAN DO.    Swimming and walking are probably 2 of the most simple things to do.

2. Get outside.

Outside is just better if you can do what you were gonna do anyway.

Fresh air, sunlight, extra Vitamin D , and you don’t get a massive meathead in the gym staring at you


Seriously – lifting outside just feels better!

Just try it before summer leaves us!

3. Make it fun.

Record your results.

Play a little game.……..and you don’t believe that a game can get your heart rate up – try it!

4. Make a routine.

If you miss your planned breakfast – at best you just simply lack some fuel for training and at worst you can end up snacking on crap like chocolate and crisps and lattes’ all day and screw a lot of things up.

Make the plan – and stick to that plan.

writer woman

5. Take note of minor jumps in weight – but don’t give up because of them

There are times your weight may increase. If you are a woman – you will know your monthly cycle and any fluctuations. Write the number down, and just get on with it.  You don’t just gain fat overnight……it is the sum of the steps you have been taking over days and weeks.

So don’t give up.

6. Get a coach, friend or  family member to help

We all need direction.

We all want to do the exercise we are good at…………but will do better if we have someone guiding us.

It doesn’t have to be a personal trainer like myself – it could be a work colleague or your partner.

Either way, having someone help make some choices for you will keep progress going when you want to take the easy way (which most of us would take!)

Here are 2 coaches you could be lucky to have!  (John Cammish and Jessie Pavelka)

cammish jessie

2 coaches you could be lucky to have!

7. Realise that HEALTH is an INVESTMENT (and you don’t need to invest a lot of time!)

One of the biggest myths in health is that you need to do hours and hours of exercise to lose weight and look and feel good.

I point this out at length in my Free Ebook – (You can get it emailed to you straight away by clicking here)

The most important thing is to work hard most of the time……….and train frequently.

You see, 20 minutes x 6 days a week is probably better than 2 hours in 1 go.  You can work harder for 20 minutes than you can for 2 hours straight.

The Investment part is important because it will be great for your health in the long-term. Even if you don’t lose that much weight or fat (or any at all) – the health benefits are worth that time!





Leanne’s Story About Change


Did you see last night last nights episode of ” Fat – The Fight of My Life?”

Click below to watch the trailer……..

fat the fight of my life trailer



Well if you saw last nights episode – you might have seen me a few times!



I won’t spoil the show if you didn’t see it (It is repeated another 3 or 4 times during this week on SKY LIVING up until next weeks episode at the following times).

Wednesday 8pm

Saturday 2pm

Sunday 8pm



So get to your DVD recorder and set it now!


In Next weeks blog I will add some advice to the story – maybe you can benefit 🙂