TV You Gotta See and Mini Rant!

Quick one today!

Thought I would hit you up with some stuff on TV I have been watching and you might find interesting

cat interesting


Fat – The Fight of my life

This program is a great insight into the problems that many obese people go through…… their natural environment.  This is what is I see as a big big difference between this programme and a TV show like The Biggest Loser.


In The Biggest Loser…..they are pretty much

– Locked away from their lives

– Given access to good food and not junk (apart from the challenges, which seems odd)

– Trained for 25-30+ hours per week.

– Isolated and made into a competition (given more focus)


Here’s the trailer (click)

fat the fight of my life trailer


This TV programme has:

– People in their own environment

– Access to foods they normally encounter everyday

– Family and work problems etc

– No hype about weight lost etc (For example, does it REALLY MATTER if someone loses 1lb more than someone else 1 week and not the next? Also, I might add that the REAL TEST is if, in 2 years…..has the person kept the weight off.  THAT……is a real test of success.)


It tells it like it is.  Watch it! ( Monday’s 9pm SKY Living)


The Men That Made Us Thin (and Fat)

There are 2 horizon programmes going on at the moment

The Men That Made Us Thin

…………..talks about dieting fads, crazy stuff going on here.

What I thought was amusing(?) was that there was a ‘diet shake’ called metrecal in the 1960’s……….you took one for breakfast, one for lunch….and had a proper dinner!

Heard that phrase before?



Yes that’s right.


First it was metracal.  Then it was slimfast.   Now its’ that bloody herbashite that every wanna-be millionaire is trying to sell to you, me, your dog and my cat.

Well my boy Max just cringes everytime we see someone trying to sell me it on facebook!



Funny when they realise my background in nutrition and they have no nutrition qualification at all.

When will people realise low calorie foods are designed to make you lose weight (and most of it nearly ALWAYS lean muscle tissue) ….so you end up with a less-powerful metabolism…..and then to re-bound with weight gain (so that you buy more).


Mini Rant over.


The Men That Made Us Fat

the men that made us fat



Very similar, but more aimed at the supersizing of meals, the additive put in…..and a whole lot more.   


If you are interested in health (by reading this page I am assuming you are) …………you should check them out every thursday as they are 4-parters and have a lot of decent info.



Welcome to the world of weight loss hopefully will show the ups and downs of slimming groups. By the way……I was misquoted / misundertood a few times if you caught us in the Daily mail last week……I don’t class my clients as ‘slimmers’ … this tends to make people this we just weigh each other and ‘clap people who had a good week’.  We do more that this….we show up, we put the work in, and we are all stronger and fitter than we all were….however long ago.  Its not about weight…’s about looking and FEELING great.

Missed it? – click here 

total warrior group photo after - ben




So get your DVD players / Sky Boxes ready – and press record!