I hope you’ve been enjoying the Weather.

Almost feels like being abroad!!


holiday in sand

Today I wanted to touch upon training outdoors…………..

You’re probably thinking “what difference does it make training outside?!”


Well……..Have you tried it? ūüôā


Why is training outdoor better than a gym with¬†expensive machines, and multiple T.V’s ?

gym watching tv

Because these things are distracting.

You should have total focus when you train – on what you need to¬†accomplish….in a gym, a bootcamp or at home. ¬†(For a list of equipment and books I recommend – CLICK HERE!!!)

Or had you forgotten that there is a goal¬†to your training sessions ūüėČ

Aside from the added focus, heres a list of the other added benefits you get from training outside.

  1. Fresh air!
  2. Increased Vitamin D production from sunlight
  3. Real-life work.¬† If you have to carry¬†weight from¬†A to B – its ALL YOU………no machines saying you ‘might have burned 200kcals (If you are a person of average weight and these calculations can be grossly inaccurate)
  4. Increased sense of well-being
  5. More time away from possibly toxic indoor atmosphere (think paint, plastics, ) You hear¬†reports about mobile phones, cabinets, car¬†interiors leeching out toxic fumes……….whether you believe in¬†it or not – why¬†leave it to chance.¬†¬† You probably spend¬†a lot of time at your computer¬†at work or at home anyway and that can’t be good for you.
  6. Variety.  When was the last time you did something different?!!!

darren snappers


Not a lot of people know that I often train clients outdoors, and love to do it.  Why not try this down at your nearest park?

1a) Press ups x 10 (modified to your fitness level)

1b) Lunges x 10 each leg

1c) Sprint 50 yards

Rest 1-2 mins and repeat.


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