Month: July 2013

This Might Be My Last Blog


This could be it.


You see………..This Saturday I will be taking a team of about 16-17 of my bootcamp group to face……. TOTAL WARRIOR!

(Cue Thunder and Lightning sounds!)


total warrior 1


Here’s an idea of what we will face:

” The Total Warrior team has worked with ex-military personnel to bring you the ultimate test of strength, stamina, mental determination and teamwork. The unforgiving Lake District terrain along with 25 punishing obstacles, will mean success is about survival and not speed. Forget about breaking records and bring everything you have to cross the finish line and become a TOTAL WARRIOR! “


total warrior 2013

Obstacles such as:

  • The Human BBQ
  • Dunking Time
  • The Shocker
  • Hang Tough
  • Claustrophobe
  • Ball Breaker
  • The Widow Maker
  • The Sheep Dip

……and more!!!!!


If I don’t make it back – remember me as a good guy!!

Hazardous-Substances danger man in acid



By the way, we have nearly raised £700 for Teenage Cancer Trust at Castle Hill Between Willerby and Cottingham.

If you wish to donate – just click the pic.

teenage cancer trust





PS Did you see last nights “Fat- The Fight of My Life” with Darren?  He did a ‘Spartan Race’ and it will be similar (It’s repeated all this week on Sky Living)



Total Warrior!!!!

A week on Saturday, a group of brave Your Next Level Fitness Bootcamper’s will take on the TOTAL WARRIOR COURSE!


total warrior 2013

Check it out below:

total warrior 1


And  click HERE to see some of the ‘Best Of Pics’ from last year.


Total Warrior is a 10k run with 25 obstacles ………..want to see them?  =


( We are raising money for Teenage Cancer trust and already raised £450.   Can you help us get to £500+ ?

teenage cancer trust


Also – why this is Extra Awesome:

While raising money for a good cause is awesome in itself, here are some other reasons.

  • You may know that we choose ‘fat-burning’ exercises and our bootcamps consist of short hard bursts of effort. Our Bootcampers are not long distance runners, and this will feel unknown to them…….much like when people fear coming to our bootcamps (fear of the unknown). Alas, we are brave, and will have a go


  • It will be painful…..but we will all make it to the end, running, walking, crawling…..we will be there!
  • When you do things as a group – you push each other on.
  • The ‘slide away’ obstacle looks ace!

total warrior slide away



There are 16 of us all raising money for Castle Hill’s Teenage Cancer Trust, If you would like to donate, then simply CLICK THIS PIC BELOW:

teenage cancer trust



Thanks, and keep watching for what happens!



This Week….

This week has just started with a tough, tough session  – as I was on a mates stag do over the weekend and I still feel like I need another nights sleep to feel 100% again.

Can you spot me in this pic?!

jonny stag


Back to work now though and helping people like yourself look and feel better.


This week has a lot of cool stuff going on……………


1.  Did you see ‘Food unwrapped’ last week?  I have said about decaf in the past…..and they showed the chemical they used to ‘take the caffeine out.’

Turns out that chemical on it’s own is not too healthy.



I believe there are other methods, whioch you can read about HERE.…..but I will stick to my regular coffee thanks 😉

Set your recorder to Channel 4 at 8.30pm for 30 minutes tonight for another Food unwrapped episode.


2.Fat – The Fight Of My Life

If a bit more drama is more your thing, Monday night 9pm on SKY LIVING is the show “Fat – The Fight of My Life”.


Click to watch:


fat the fight of my life trailer

You might have seen the programme ‘A Year to Save My Life’ a year or 2 ago, and this is by the same Jessie Pavelka.

jessie pavelka 1



3. Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coaching Program

You may know I am Precision Nutrition Certified – they are probably the most successful online body transofrmation company at the moment……

precision nutrition before and after 1

Their program ‘ Lean Eating’ starts tomorrow but you need to get on the list earlier if you are interested.

You can do so by  CLICKING HERE


Even if you aren’t really keen on it – check out the tranformations by both last years MEN

pn lean eating man



and the WOMEN  (Click pic)

pn lean eating woman


I use Precision Nutritions principles with my clients and they are doing great things over there………………..much like we are here!



Have a great week – even though there is a lot going on!!!!!




John Cammish Bio




Get outside and train more!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Weather.

Almost feels like being abroad!!


holiday in sand

Today I wanted to touch upon training outdoors…………..

You’re probably thinking “what difference does it make training outside?!”


Well……..Have you tried it? 🙂


Why is training outdoor better than a gym with expensive machines, and multiple T.V’s ?

gym watching tv

Because these things are distracting.

You should have total focus when you train – on what you need to accomplish….in a gym, a bootcamp or at home.  (For a list of equipment and books I recommend – CLICK HERE!!!)

Or had you forgotten that there is a goal to your training sessions 😉

Aside from the added focus, heres a list of the other added benefits you get from training outside.

  1. Fresh air!
  2. Increased Vitamin D production from sunlight
  3. Real-life work.  If you have to carry weight from A to B – its ALL YOU………no machines saying you ‘might have burned 200kcals (If you are a person of average weight and these calculations can be grossly inaccurate)
  4. Increased sense of well-being
  5. More time away from possibly toxic indoor atmosphere (think paint, plastics, ) You hear reports about mobile phones, cabinets, car interiors leeching out toxic fumes……….whether you believe in it or not – why leave it to chance.   You probably spend a lot of time at your computer at work or at home anyway and that can’t be good for you.
  6. Variety.  When was the last time you did something different?!!!

darren snappers


Not a lot of people know that I often train clients outdoors, and love to do it.  Why not try this down at your nearest park?

1a) Press ups x 10 (modified to your fitness level)

1b) Lunges x 10 each leg

1c) Sprint 50 yards

Rest 1-2 mins and repeat.


If you ever want to have a go at our bootcamp – send me a quick email by CLICKING HERE and I will set you up with a free trial one Monday Wednesday or Saturday 🙂





PS   The hugely successful LEAN EATING online coaching by PRECISION NUTRITION goes LIVE WEDNESDAY JULY 17th.   If you really want be part of the most succesful weight loss course in the world…..I recommend you take a look by CLICKING HERE.

precision nutrition before and after 1


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Nutrition Coaching and Precision Nutrition

If you read my blogs regularly, you may have seen THIS ARTICLE – where I passed the Precision Nutrition Certification exam, to maximise the quality of the advice I give to my clients to lose weight and overall, look better and feel healthier.


(Click to enlarge)


your next level fitness transformations


I also believe I am 1 of 2 Precision Nutrition Coaches in East Yorkshire too at the moment!



A bit of Info

Precision Nutrition are one of the most succussful online transformation coaching programs in the world.

Here’s a great video that does more than words can: (CLICK THE VIDEO)

precision nutrition before and after 1


Want to know how to get results?





That alone should help you out no end.