12 Reasons Why You might want to consider training at Hessle Rugby Club part 2

8. When we train inside – we have the right kit for the job.

Does your gym instructor frown when you deadlift and drop the bar or make a noise because you re busting yourself in that set where you know you can smash it ?

Bumper plates and the realisation that there are times to give it your all are necessary.



We have loads of options to make things easier or more challenging.


9. Does your gym even have a bar to deadlift?





10. We’re consistent!

I wrote about the ‘C Factor’ here (CLICK to Read)

We have a range of bootcamps that are rarely (if ever) cancelled…..we may tweak a class time on a bank holiday, but our monday, wednesday saturday bootcamps are on 99.9% of the time 🙂

bcamp group shot


11. Great schedule

Speaking of which, I think our Monday-Wednesday-Saturday Schedule works very well.

We do some weights in each session, along with some high intensity intervals.  That leaves Tuesday, Thursday, Fridy and Sunday for either

– More High intensity intervals

– Lighter cardio (like walking, swimming, easy biking etc)

– Rest!


So even if you only do bootcamp once per week (eg Wednesday 6.30pm) – you can still slot in easily……..and do some bodyweight things at home on the other ‘scheduled bootcamp days’ (Saturday and Monday).  If you are at a gym too – we can work that too.

This is great flexibility FOR YOU.


12. Knowledge and atmosphere

You get access to me – a coach who’s dedicated his last 14 years or so learning about the body and how it works. I got my Precision Nutrition Level 1 earlier this year – and I think this will be the benchmark of a sound coach in the future.


I have helped many achieve what you want to do – and the media often pick up on my clients successes information I give out.

You get access to other bootcamp clients – who have actually been through the process of what you want to do ….they have DONE IT!  They will be able to fill you in on the other aspects that I cannot.

Also, you can push each other on.




So if you’re

a) Sick of your gym

b) Want to Lose weight

c) Bored of your bootcamps


…..Come try us out!







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