12 Reasons Why You might want to consider training at Hessle Rugby Club part 1

Shameless plug here on why you might just want to train with us !

1. Indoor and Outdoor Training

We have both indoor and outdoor training available – using some of the best conditioning tools around.


Check out the view aswell while you re warming up or stretching:



2. A Great coach?!

I’d like to think I get on with most people – and that I have the people skills to get the best out of each and every person. Also, being a Precision Nutrition Coach I know that food is an essential tool to body transformation……..and also – actual coaching is important too.

Click the Precision Nutrition Logo Below to see some of the mind-blowing success they have had!

precision nutrition2


3. A Proven System

The clients who have gone through transformations have done the important staples of training and eating.

Good choices, hard work, and execution….done over, and over and over again!




4. Great atmosphere.

Whether its small group personal training or bootcamps – the people we have are great people and make every session fun. Theres also the sense of unwritten accountability, where if someone picks up the heavy sled, or does an extra length when the clocks stops – other will make an effort to follow.

Its this attitude that makes athletes – and us all more athletic and tougher in the process 🙂

5. We dont eliminate for the sake of it.

We’re not ‘no carbs’. We’re not ‘heavy weights are dangerous’ . We’re not ‘only do X exercise as it’s the best.’

We appreciate there are times for different activities – and foods!


jonny bowden 150 healthy foods


6. We’re one of the few specialised Body Transformation businesses that can prove results with excellent before and after pictures.

your next level fitness transformations




7. We’re not hypocrites and urge our clients to only eat chicken and broccoli!

In the end, its up to you what you eat – and what makes you happy.  We even had a bootcamp meal out at a restaurant that could be considered unhealthy.  We want you to look and feel your best – while having a fun and fulfilling life.


Book mark this site and watch for part 2 next week!









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