Look Out for these!

Today I want to let you know some things that are coming your way!


1. Food unwrapped (CH4 8.30pm Monday)

Some interesting info about food – where it comes from, and what happens to it.  Last week they highlighted the process of ‘processing ‘ chicken Kiev’s into a mush to make more of them.

Let’s just say I’m glad I don’t eat them 😉


2. Ben Coomber Podcast ( Thursdays)


ben coomber


Go here on Thursday night   —-> http://www.bencoomber.com/blog.html



I saw Ben speak in Hull a few months back and he spoke alot about what is wrong with eating today – and also that some personal trainers are literally destroying clients metabolisms with intakes of less than 1200 calories and at the same time having clients do cardio every day (burning another 400-600 calories).

Ben tells it like it is, and just some of the guests on alone are worth the 45-60mins or so.

I put it on when doing the dishes!


The Secret Life of The Cat (Thursday BBC2 9pm) 

You know by now.

I love my Cat …Max.



Horizon put cameras on some 50 cats or so and spy on what they do.


Ever wondered where your cat goes?

I will be taping it and checking it out!



Have a great week!