What I Learned on Holiday! (No KNIVES in Airports?)


I hope you have had a good past few weeks, I know it’s been chaotic as I have been all over the place sorting my last holiday abroad before my baby arrives, and also sorting my new website  (If you are not getting my emails then you need to  CLICK HERE).


NO KNIVES in Airports….


So I kind of know that you are not supposed to have sharp implements when going to get on a plane.

I didn’t realised it when I ordered a steak for lunch…..




Needless to say – it took me a fair bit longer then usual……….





We had a great hol – and I saw some unusual pieces of equipment:


2 Wheels – with no resistance?!







A manual cross trainer




I nearly thought I saw a women doing some dips!!!!!





Alas……Really its just something you swing on from side to side and hold on to some bars 🙁

I did find a leg press of some decription – quite effective when using a single leg!




You probably think I spent a lot of time training when I was in Spain – in fact I get asked it all the time!

I did 6 days out of 8.  All sessions were between 10 and 20mins, and just in the hotel gym which had a cable machine and a bike, treadmill and X-trainer.

I really believe the best sessions are short, and if you can do something everyday – it doesnt take that long if you don’t dwell on how ‘painful’ it’s going to be.


Get in, work hard and get the job done – and get out!


I always eat as many vegetables as possible when they are available – so you get your nutrients in.

Then you don’t worry when you want an ice cream or whatever at the beach!


I got to read a book about breaking bad habits and also a parenting book



Back home we have a little lad of our own already called Max.

Anyway, it’s quite upsetting for him leaving the house for a while and so I practiced on how I would hold an actual baby…


Max always falls asleep in Daddys arms!


Speaking of ‘Daddy stuff’ – Picked up our Pram from Toys R Us, and this was preety much the first thing we saw when we entered the shop:

And they wonder why kids are so messed up!!!!! Is this what real lesbian Ponies do?!

Even I am confused!



Take home points

You can train while away – just keep it short.

Try to eat plenty of veggies when you have the choice.

Use the time to read and learn and grow.

Don’t order steak at an airport 😉



Have a great week,