Great Day For Hull + Discover How to Fix the 7 Deadly Workout Sins

Great Day for the City of Hull – Exciting times!

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Great weekend and weather all round!


Lose Fat

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The first part goes into a personal story of mine – and you may too have had a similar experience.  It’s where you first visit  a gym to see if it’s the place for you, and they’re like ” Hey Buddy!  You’re my best pal – you’re going to love it here!



Then you sign up.

You can’t wait.

The staff seemed so friendly, you’re buzzing to get started.


The next day – the sales guy doesn’t even remember your name 🙁




We then go into what METABOLISM is – and why you need to keep it high to get – or stay LEAN.




Then the 7 deadly workout sins are laid out for you.  


Body part splits Vs Full Body workouts

– The amount of time you exercise MATTERS

– The TYPE of exercise you do is CRITICAL

– Sets and circuits – The Benefits and drawbacks

– How much rest is enough?

– Routine and how often to change it


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