We ALL Feel Like This At Some Point…..

YOU have had THAT training session.

I have had THAT training session.








Muscle Soreness or DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) – nearly always when you do something

a) New / different (eg type of training or a new exercise)

b) You haven’t done in a while ( going from doing no exercise to doing a full hour)

c) Harder (eg the same exercise but heavier….or for more total reps)


I have stated this many times that Muscle soreness doesn’t mean that whatever you were doing before wasn’t working!

It’s just from the reasons above!


This Weekend…..

So this happened to me this weekend.

I haven’t really run for more than 40 minutes in a few years!

That might surprise you as I am ‘into fitness’ ……..and fitness is nearly always associated with running.

running barefoot

The truth is that most of my training sessions……..(and also what I recommend to my clients) revolve around:

a) Getting stronger

b) Full body exercises that get the heart rate up quickly

c) High Intensity interval training in short bursts – that again speed up the heart rate quickly

d) 30-60minutes total – and theres probably more resting than working goes on as there is rest after each working set.


I do this because it’s more time efficient than doing most activities for an hour.

This Sunday – I fancied a challenge!



We have been doing the odd run to simply change training up as some of us are aiming to raise some money for charity this summer – you can click the link and donate if you wish….

donate now


…or you can wait till we do the TOTAL Warrior Challenge!

total warrior 2013



Either way – we simply need to get better at longer distance running!

Bootcamp client Ben asked about a run and I tagged along and it was actually nice to get out on a scenic run!

Path - start


It was hard.

I managed to keep pace (or so Ben told me!) and I felt good that my normal training methods kept my fitness levels up. I think we ran 7.5 miles in something like an hour and a minute or so…..and it was humid too.

Come Monday morning…..OWWWW!



My thighs and calves were so sore!!! I was having trouble walking in the morning – but the more I walked….the better it got.

I was able to move around at bootcamp on Monday night – but there would be no chance of me being able to push the prowler or do lunges with dumbells. Nope. No way Jose.

prowler white


I know next time I will be less sore – and I might even get a bit quicker!


Take home message

We all do that ONE training session which might be so painful afterwards that you don’t want to do it again in fear of that pain.

BUT(!) – the next time the pain will be less, and the time after that you will maybe have a dull ache. The more you do something – the better your body gets at it!


Did I mention that our ‘Bootcamp’ are not like other Bootcamps?  No army-style shouting – just motivation when needed and a great great atmosphere.

Most people don’t make it to the first session as they fear ‘being beasted’. …..when it’s not like that at all.

darren snappers

Are you going to be one of the few that tries it out? 😉



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