7 Ways to Get It

I wrote about the C factor a while ago. (Click If you would like to read)


I just want to add some things to it today that make it easier for you to lose fat, and to look and feel great for summer…..which is right around the corner!


Number 1 thing to make progress?


It’s hard to stay consistent if you don’t feel healthy.   You KNOW you should go train, but you feel like you want to sleep…..or eat a massive bag of sweets – becauuse you had a taste of ONE.



How do you stay healthy?

1. Avoid junk food

(You don’t need me to tell you if it’s junk or not!)

2. Eat Vegetables.

Every day, wherever you can!

Organic is better – but any veggies is better than no veggies! (So don’t worry about organic too much if it means you won’t buy them)

3. Protein is your friend

If possible, Eat organic meat.  Organic meat should have less toxins stored in the fat – and therefore better for you!

Free range eggs. Try and buy the best eggs you can – it’s not that much more expensive.

Omlettes are your go-to breakfast 😉

4. Quality fats

– nuts, olives, avocadoes, free range eggs again (quality fats in the yolk).


5. Hydration

Drink plenty of clean water.

If you don’t think that this helps – simply try drinking 500ml clean water first thing in a morning for a week and see how much better you feel in the following hour compared to normal

If you want – add a lemon or lime!


6. Exercise

Move your body in all directions, forwards, backwards, sideways.

Pull things more than you push things. (Better for posture)

Lift heavy so that you maintain mean muscle (as this drops as we age) and also to push yourself to be a badass…..


..don’t lift 1 rep maxes every week or you will burn out!


7. Surround yourself with other supportive people and Believe you can!

About 10 days ago I attended Fitpro.  A 1-day course in weightlifting, and a mixture of 11 lectures and practical training sessions.

Do you think having 80 other personal trainers around you makes you try a bit harder? You bet!

When you go out for a run, you might run a certain distance in a certain time. Try it with someone whos around your level of ability = I would bet 9 times out of 10 you cut time off that running time down a bit.

A supportive network can help you stay CONSISTENT


 SO in summary,

Consistency is key.

This is how you do it:

1. Avoid junk food

2. Eat Vegetables like your mamma said!

3. Eat protein regularly

4. Eat quality fats

5. Drink plenty of clean water.

6. Do Exercise that makes you feel healthy, strong and fit.

7. Surround yourself with other supportive people and Believe you can!

Apply these NOW. You will be glad you did
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