Why Knowledge is Good and….

It’s GREAT when you can apply it!!!!


This past few days I have been blowing my mind up with some of the best coaches in the business. Names such as Pete Cohen, Lee Saxby (the barefoot running guy) and Michol dalcourt (he invented the Vipr) were all there.



As was Kevin Mclernon (the biggest loser winner)

even Steve Backley was there! (Remember him?! )



See of you can spot me in my Liverpool top in this 1min snapshot of some classes and lectures 



The hard part…..

A few times people have asked me why I attend seminars multiple times a year, read multiple books a year etc – when I already know a lot already??!!!

Well, I don’t know it all for one thing!  ‘Never stop learning’ is something I know to be true if you wan to improve your life and others. 

Yes, I have helped many people lose weight (body fat specifically) and help people feel a lot better in themselves – but how can I help many more?

What happens when there is someone with a pain I am not familiar with, or some other problem (like not eating vegetables!)


Think about it this way.

There will be some people reading this that are older than me. They saw the 80’s aerobics and jogging activities boom beyond belief!  If we stopped trying to further our knowledge in 1989 – everyone would still be wearing lycra and be-bopping to Salt-N-Pepa!!

We would have just thought that marathons and aerobics and low fat were the answer. How much we learn with time eh?!


It applies everywhere

The search for knowledge and how to apply it – is important in any form of life.

If you want to get your child to do better at maths – you either try to coach them yourself (good luck!) or hire a tutor to get them better grades (for the record I know a great maths tutor client.)

You want to get out of debt – you learn from your mates who have done it – or you research what you can do (often it will be cut back on lavish outgoings that are barely used………why I don’t have SKY TV!  ) – I would love to watch 10 hours of football a week – but I just wouldn’t watch them. I would start off watching lots, then would struggle to watch them all…….or my training or my business or my family time would suffer.

You want to lose some weight – you speak to friends who have done it – or you look at what’s working for others….or Hire a coach (just like a maths coach).


This past weekend I learned loads  (and reminded) of things that we need to do.

1.Enjoy fitness more.  Yes, I said ENJOY!  The odd game, bit of fun can do wonders to someone who is not getting that elsewhere.

2. Sometimes a hard training session is NOT what is needed.  Sometimes, a good quality meal, some nice family time, some quiet time and an early night might be a better choice than breaking out into a killer training session

3. Like all knowledge – you need to apply it.  It’s all well and good to know that junk food won’t help, you lose fat, decrease your energy levels, increase your chance of dieases…..but if you don’t stop eating it……..it won’t matter at all!



To Summarise…..

If you want to change something – you have to change something……..and look to the best people for it.  You can learn it….or you can save time and money by consulting with an expert.

Always be learning – and try to do a small step today towards that