Precision Nutrition Coach In Hull

When someone in the West Hull area wants to transform themselves – many come to see us as we get great RESULTS. (Actually, we have people from further afield like East Hull, Newport, Barton, Barmby On The Marsh………people really do seek out the best eh?  😉



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We are not like other bootcamps – we don’t just get people tired. We aim to get them stronger, fitter and happier.

With body transformation, you need to address your food. Some think this is obvious, but I find it is more important than exercise……..tell these eggs that most people tend to eat chocolate eggs this Sunday……………….I will however be eating some REAL EGGS! 




Some good news for me!

I have been studying for my Precision Nutrition Certification since last March and finally took (and passed) the exam yesterday!!  The textbook is super thick full of  great real-world information……….It took so long but I got it done and have learned a lot . 🙂

It was 75% to pass – I got 91%.

Can I get a Woop Woop?!



I took me so long to study, but I needed to juggle a successful personal training business, and a potential growing family of mine 🙂

I’m happy that I took my time to go through all of the material in detail so that I could really take it in. I have been a supporter of the Precision Nutrition team and their methods for many years now – I have seen John Berardi present at about 7 or 8 lectures and think he’s a really clever guy who is almost wise beyond his years.

I love the theory behind everything that I’ve learned  – In fact, I re-learned a lot of what I did at Sheffield Hallam University in my Sport Science Degree and at Wolfreton with my A-Level Biology Qualification –   Can you say Kreb’s Cycle and  pyruvate and Acetyl Co-A? (Science geeks will understand this! )

What I found especially helpful was that the studying process looked at coaching and how to improve as a health coach. To be the best coach – you need to keep learning and assessing how clients are responding – and continue to evolve their eating and training programs. 


I will continue to share nutrition advice with my amazing clients on what I’ve learned in this course as well as I what I’ve learned (and will continue to learn) from experience, reading, researching!

So………Im REALLY glad to be a Precision Nutrition Coach!

(You might want to check out a lot of the info they already have)

Here’s to everyone getting better!





PS  I will be going over what I have learned by doing 50 pull ups and 100 press ups every day of Lent in next weeks blog post – Dont forget to check back here, or sign up to get reminders if not already a free member of the site.