Fat Loss and Weight Loss

I have probably said this way too many times – BUT IT NEEDS TO BE REPEATED!

1. Don’t trust the scales!  (The leaner you are the less you need to look at them)

2. Look:

a) At the mirror

b) At photos

c) At how clothes fit!


Muscle weighs more than fat, and takes up less space (because it is more dense).



This resource is something you really need to check out (CLICK). It shows you pictures of body fat percentages – and some bodies that are of similar body fat percentage but less muscle…..It really is the best thing you will probably read today!

Get informed with knowledge



You’re all set to reduce your body fat and look and feel better.

Don’t get confused and think you need to be running 2 hours a day every single day (like reading that aerobics are better than weights? – read this analysis of the recent headline )

Weights are crucial to your bodyshape – especially when you look at bodybuilders, bikini models, etc – they all use some form of resistance training to ‘get in shape’.

Don’t get sidetracked with your mission – You want to be training 3-5 hours a week, with a mix of weight training, some short high intensity interval training, and some longer low intensity stuff like swimming or jogging.


Don’t overcomplicate it!

……is what I say to myself when I am losing sight of the goal in mind 😉