A Trainer to the Trainers?


It’s been a dreary weekend with non-stop rain – but well done to the bootcampers who turned on the intensity when it mattered on Saturday morning!

One said that it’s the best way to start your weekend!


A Trusted Resource……….


I wanted to get this up a while ago, but I have simply been really busy helping people lose weight (fat) aswell as doing my own Lent challenge and oh yeah(!) doing some baby-making! (My wife is 12-13 weeks and we couldn’t be happier and excited about all the unknown things that will unfold) 🙂


There is a popular magazine out there that provides knowledge and tips to personal trainers in Hull, (in fact all over the UK) as well as your gym instructors and those that teach classes such as bodypump, spinning, body combat, body balance etc.

It’s called FITPRO Magazine and I happen to be featured in this month’s Feb /March centre pages!


In this February/March Issue – it helps trainers identify and try to help with topics like:

  • Push-up variations
  • Cellulite – what is it?
  • Family Fitness
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Safer Supplements
  • ……And more!


If you want to read my article on how I helped Female Rugby Player Mags get stronger and fit enough to play for England – Click the Link below:

It goes through one of the sample plans (we did several training programs) – so if you are looking to get stronger and fitter…..check it out!

Fitpro – Rugby Fitness Trainer John Cammish


It just so happens that I use very similar training methods to achieve long-term fat loss for many of my clients.

I strongly believe in:

  • Lifting resistance (weight)
  • Short hard training
  • Training in Groups
I love the last point. Groups make things easier.
Do you think elite professionals train alone? …..They usually have a training partner or train as a group.
I have found that my bootcamp and my small group personal training sessions at Hessle Rugby Club gets the best results in the area.
I give everyone the chance to come along and see…..at the moment there is no cost for your first session.
Summer is getting closer, and you need to make a start……what have you got to lose?
Send your email…….. telling me your situation,     to ——-> john@yournextlevelfitness.co.uk <——-