Month: March 2013

Precision Nutrition Coach In Hull

When someone in the West Hull area wants to transform themselves – many come to see us as we get great RESULTS. (Actually, we have people from further afield like East Hull, Newport, Barton, Barmby On The Marsh………people really do seek out the best eh?  😉



(To read any of the above transformations – CLICK HERE!)


We are not like other bootcamps – we don’t just get people tired. We aim to get them stronger, fitter and happier.

With body transformation, you need to address your food. Some think this is obvious, but I find it is more important than exercise……..tell these eggs that most people tend to eat chocolate eggs this Sunday……………….I will however be eating some REAL EGGS! 




Some good news for me!

I have been studying for my Precision Nutrition Certification since last March and finally took (and passed) the exam yesterday!!  The textbook is super thick full of  great real-world information……….It took so long but I got it done and have learned a lot . 🙂

It was 75% to pass – I got 91%.

Can I get a Woop Woop?!



I took me so long to study, but I needed to juggle a successful personal training business, and a potential growing family of mine 🙂

I’m happy that I took my time to go through all of the material in detail so that I could really take it in. I have been a supporter of the Precision Nutrition team and their methods for many years now – I have seen John Berardi present at about 7 or 8 lectures and think he’s a really clever guy who is almost wise beyond his years.

I love the theory behind everything that I’ve learned  – In fact, I re-learned a lot of what I did at Sheffield Hallam University in my Sport Science Degree and at Wolfreton with my A-Level Biology Qualification –   Can you say Kreb’s Cycle and  pyruvate and Acetyl Co-A? (Science geeks will understand this! )

What I found especially helpful was that the studying process looked at coaching and how to improve as a health coach. To be the best coach – you need to keep learning and assessing how clients are responding – and continue to evolve their eating and training programs. 


I will continue to share nutrition advice with my amazing clients on what I’ve learned in this course as well as I what I’ve learned (and will continue to learn) from experience, reading, researching!

So………Im REALLY glad to be a Precision Nutrition Coach!

(You might want to check out a lot of the info they already have)

Here’s to everyone getting better!





PS  I will be going over what I have learned by doing 50 pull ups and 100 press ups every day of Lent in next weeks blog post – Dont forget to check back here, or sign up to get reminders if not already a free member of the site.

Fat Loss and Weight Loss

I have probably said this way too many times – BUT IT NEEDS TO BE REPEATED!

1. Don’t trust the scales!  (The leaner you are the less you need to look at them)

2. Look:

a) At the mirror

b) At photos

c) At how clothes fit!


Muscle weighs more than fat, and takes up less space (because it is more dense).



This resource is something you really need to check out (CLICK). It shows you pictures of body fat percentages – and some bodies that are of similar body fat percentage but less muscle…..It really is the best thing you will probably read today!

Get informed with knowledge



You’re all set to reduce your body fat and look and feel better.

Don’t get confused and think you need to be running 2 hours a day every single day (like reading that aerobics are better than weights? – read this analysis of the recent headline )

Weights are crucial to your bodyshape – especially when you look at bodybuilders, bikini models, etc – they all use some form of resistance training to ‘get in shape’.

Don’t get sidetracked with your mission – You want to be training 3-5 hours a week, with a mix of weight training, some short high intensity interval training, and some longer low intensity stuff like swimming or jogging.


Don’t overcomplicate it!

……is what I say to myself when I am losing sight of the goal in mind 😉






A Trainer to the Trainers?


It’s been a dreary weekend with non-stop rain – but well done to the bootcampers who turned on the intensity when it mattered on Saturday morning!

One said that it’s the best way to start your weekend!


A Trusted Resource……….


I wanted to get this up a while ago, but I have simply been really busy helping people lose weight (fat) aswell as doing my own Lent challenge and oh yeah(!) doing some baby-making! (My wife is 12-13 weeks and we couldn’t be happier and excited about all the unknown things that will unfold) 🙂


There is a popular magazine out there that provides knowledge and tips to personal trainers in Hull, (in fact all over the UK) as well as your gym instructors and those that teach classes such as bodypump, spinning, body combat, body balance etc.

It’s called FITPRO Magazine and I happen to be featured in this month’s Feb /March centre pages!


In this February/March Issue – it helps trainers identify and try to help with topics like:

  • Push-up variations
  • Cellulite – what is it?
  • Family Fitness
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Safer Supplements
  • ……And more!


If you want to read my article on how I helped Female Rugby Player Mags get stronger and fit enough to play for England – Click the Link below:

It goes through one of the sample plans (we did several training programs) – so if you are looking to get stronger and fitter…..check it out!

Fitpro – Rugby Fitness Trainer John Cammish


It just so happens that I use very similar training methods to achieve long-term fat loss for many of my clients.

I strongly believe in:

  • Lifting resistance (weight)
  • Short hard training
  • Training in Groups
I love the last point. Groups make things easier.
Do you think elite professionals train alone? …..They usually have a training partner or train as a group.
I have found that my bootcamp and my small group personal training sessions at Hessle Rugby Club gets the best results in the area.
I give everyone the chance to come along and see… the moment there is no cost for your first session.
Summer is getting closer, and you need to make a start……what have you got to lose?
Send your email…….. telling me your situation,     to ——-> <——-








Bootcamp Helps Runners?!


Summer’s right around the corner – as Spring is now here…..woop woop!

Be prepared to see a lot of runners out now……the weather is getting better and it happens every year.


While I think running is generally not good for those looking to lose weight (due to the risk of injuries and increased wear and tear on joints) – I do think that people should be able to at least run a few minutes without stopping if they had to. We rarely use running at our bootcamps – and if so, its usually short bursts as I feel that this form of interval training is more efficient for fat loss than longer, low intensity runs.

I have shown before and after transformations of clients looking to change the way they look and feel, but Bootcamper Ben is more interested in getting stronger and improving his running times…….


Ben is fairly new to our bootcamp, but has recently lost weight, and fitness is now a regular part of his life.

Let’s just say that when Ben likes to challenge himself – he likes to push it and isn’t afraid of getting his hands……..or legs…… dirty…..

That’s Ben after his Hell Runner event.

Ben recently sent me a message on the Your Next Level Fitness Fan Page highlighting :


His energy expenditure is really high following his 8am bootcamp session….


It is amazing to compare days with exercise against days without. My day job flat lines activity and some days it hardly moves (sat behind a desk with my head buried in a document). The y axis is ‘Nike fuel points’ I need to do 3000 a day. 3000 according to nike is a good day. Bootcamp boosts my achievement a lot, and has a higher reward than running 3 to 4 miles. I find looking to see where I’m at after a day at work, makes me get off my lazy arse and move to try and get 2000 to 3000 points. “

 This is an App that ben uses to track his energy burn….


(The spike around 3pm was his son’s birthday! Being a parent must be hard work! )


Also, has improved his training times…



Even to hitting 3Personal Best (PB) Times in 1 week!



So….. Why does it work?


Well, I would say that while weight training won’t dramatically improve running times by magic…….a session now and then will help as it will:

  • Increase strength

Although running for 8 miles etc is not a strength event…….Bens legs are are now slightly stronger, and this can have a slight carry over….. in that the same mile may feel slightly easier.

  • Weight training, when done properly should help reduce some niggling injuries and lessen any imbalances

(Also I might point out that simply running on grass may help reduce injuries)

  •  Simply training in a group

Let’s face facts – 99% of people train better together. It pushes them, makes the time fly, and can help overall mental toughness.

It’s not inconceivable that training alongside others that push you will make you improve by working harder.…….and also make you mentally tougher to push that little bit more when it gets harder when you are alone.

So although I have created bootcamp plans as a way of improving clients bodyshape  …..which also tends to improve their strength also anaerobic fitness……. it turns out that it can also improve aerobic exercises too! 


Well done Ben and keep up the good work!




PS Its mothers day soon – here are some ideas if you know your mama likes to look and feel good……